Woburn's DiGirolamo Twins Raising The Bar in Mass. High School Hockey

Lucia and Angelina DiGirolamo have been dreaming of this season for a long time.

Twin sisters from Woburn, Mass., the freshmen are currently leading their Woburn High School team in scoring, combining to score 31 of the team’s 46 goals through 10 games.

“It’s been fun,” Lucia said. “It’s been a good experience but we’re not done yet. We have to keep it going.”

The sisters have been working for this season for a while now. The dream has always been to play in front of their family and friends.

After coming up through the youth ranks with the East Coast Wizards — they competed for a national championship with the Wizards last season — the DiGirolamo sisters played for one of the top teams in the nation this past fall when they joined the Pittsburgh Penguins Elite team. Next season, they’ll also play for the Selects Academy in Rochester

After a fall competing against some of the best competition in North America, the sisters returned home to play for the Tanners. Family is at the rink every night, according to their dad David, and that’s what means most to them.

“It’s really been an awesome experience,” Lucia said. “It’s new, playing against older players, and it’s a challenge but it has been great to play for our hometown and with our family at all the games.”

The journey is really just beginning for the sisters. They’re freshmen, and have a long career ahead of them in high school and most likely, beyond that.

But their success didn’t happen by accident. With each other, the girls have had the ability to have a built-in training partner under the same roof. But that goes to waste if they don’t spend their time training.

They’re high-school kids. And there have been countless sacrifices along the way. While their friends are hanging out around town, the sisters could be at skills, or something else. And those sacrifices aren’t done yet.

“They want to write the end of their own story,” said their dad, David. “I don’t know if they realized how much they were going to enjoy this year. My mom still lives in Woburn and goes to all the games. Their family is there.”

Both girls credit Freddy Meyer for helping their development. Whether it was skating with them as kids, coming to their games or breaking down video, David said that Myer is more than just a coach, he considers him a family friend.

“They have put in the hours,” Meyer said. “For me as a coach, it’s so exciting to see your students have success and have the potential to play college hockey one day.

“There are only a few super-athletes out there who just put on their gear and they’re studs. They’ve set high goals for themselves, and I know they’ve missed movie nights or proms, but the higher goal they set the more sacrifices you have to make along the way and they have set very high goals. But I know they can get there and I know they love the game.”

Their impact has been felt not only on the scoresheet, but within the Woburn program as a whole.

Bob McCurtain is currently an assistant coach on the staff and he’s been waiting for the sisters to arrive on campus for a while.

“Yeah, my daughter has played with them so I have been looking forward to this,” he said. “They’re so competitive. Most of our practices are small-area games and when you have players like them, as far as how competitive they are, that brings up your whole roster. It makes everyone compete.

“In my 20 years here we have never had a player who can skate like Angelina. The way she uses her edges to create an extra second or two is so impressive. Lucia is a great skater as well, and she’s also just relentless in the way she plays. She is so difficult to play against. She brings a different level of competitiveness.”