Trechelle Bunn Commits to University of Calgary

Trechelle Bunn has committed to the University of Calgary and is set to roster for the Dinos for the 2019-2020 season. NZ scouts have noted Trechelle for her physicality, her strong positioning in the defensive zone, and her quick and efficient puck movement. 

Trechelle tells us where her father taught her to skate:

“I started skating at the age of 3 in my backyard rink at my home in Wampum, Manitoba Canada. Growing up every winter my Dad would make a rink in my backyard for my brother and me. I started playing organized hockey in Warroad, Minnesota at the age of 5. I remember falling in love with hockey and just having fun with my friends at tournaments every weekend.”

She continued to play hockey in Warroad through her junior year of high school before making a big decision:

“I chose to leave my senior year because I felt as if I should take a chance on a new opportunity. Being a senior and being uncommitted I wanted to know that I did all that I could to achieve my goal of playing college hockey at a high level. After researching the Junior Women’s Hockey League and the Boston Shamrocks I fell in love. The schedule, exposure, and the length of the season, in general, was double of what I was getting playing High School hockey [in Minnesota]. I drove down to Boston with my family for the 2017 Beantown Classic and was introduced to the Boston Shamrocks organization and all that it had to offer and I knew instantly that it was the perfect fit for me.” Taking a second season with the Shamrocks, “I took a Post Grad year to really figure out where would be the best fit for me both academically and athletically. It was in the summer before I started my PG season that I decided that the USports route was the best fit for me. At that point, I introduced myself and expressed interest to many USports coaches through email. When I made the decision to commit to the University of Calgary, I had the option to go to a few other USport schools.”

She elaborated her junior hockey experience with the Boston Shamrocks:

“Over my past 2 seasons with the Shamrocks, I have learned how to be a leader and be more confident both on and off the ice. In both of my seasons with the Shamrocks, I have had the honor of having a leadership role on the team. Having a role as a Captain, especially this season has really allowed me to find my voice and discover what kind of leader I am. Being a leader has helped me to gain a lot of confidence. This year especially with being a veteran on the team I have been depended on in many situations and being a person who is looked to at key times really allowed me to develop a sense of confidence within myself and my game.”

With the option to play NCAA hockey or USports in Canada, we asked Trechelle why she decided to go the USports route:

“Since I am a dual citizen I considered both NCAA schools and USports schools. However, the key factor in my decision on the USports route was the educational opportunities that I had in Canada. Since I am Native American my schooling in Canada is paid for so I will be attending University for free. I also chose the USports route because I have really noticed how much the league is growing and I am really excited to be a part of such a high level of women’s hockey in Canada.”

On her final decision to go to Calgary:

“I decided to commit to the University of Calgary because I felt that it was the best fit for me both athletically and academically. I was impressed with the coaching staffs decorated background in women’s hockey and the rich history of the overall program. Academically, I plan on pursuing a career in law and U of C’s Law and Society program really caught my attention. The University of Calgary is a place where I could really see myself reaching my goals and I am beyond excited to be a Dino.”

We also asked her what her plans are for life after hockey:

“At the University of Calgary, I will be studying Law and Society. Once I complete my USports eligibility I plan on attending Law school. I am very passionate about Native American rights and would like to become a voice for my fellow Native American people and later get into Canadian politics.”

So far this season, Trechelle has been able to grab 7 points in 23 games on 1 goal and 6 assists.


Photo credit: Hickling Images