Sarah Waszkielewicz commits to Lindenwood

Sarah Waszkielewicz (Buffalo Bisons U16, D, 2022) to Lindenwood University.

Waszkielewicz is a New York native with great size and presence on the ice. She is 5’11” which gives her great reach and power as a defensemen. Waszkielewicz was later to show up on Neutral Zone’s radar, first scouted at Tier 1 Nationals in 2019 but has since been reported in 3 other events. Many members of the NZ staff have had eyes on this player as she has competed in numerous locations in the US as well as participating in the Ontario Bantam AA league. The Buffalo Bisons have done an excellent job of developing a newer program proven by Sarah’s Division 1 commitment. A lengthy description of Sarah’s style of play can be found on her profile, the following quote was taken from the most recent NAHA Labor Day Tournament. “Sarah was another Bison with strength and length on the blue line. Her stick was amazingly strong and she even could carry through contact with one hand. We noted her right away in the game against LC as she dispossessed her opponents with strength and a sturdy stick and got pucks out. Her play and clears on the penalty kill were very good. Her instincts and stick were very good and those are tough to teach.”

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