Q&A: Kiley Erickson Talks Her Commitment to Boston College

Milton Academy D Kiley Erickson moved from her hometown, Duxbury High, to prep hockey at Milton with the goal of getting herself more exposure to NCAA programs. The move paid off, as last week the Mass. native committed to Boston College.

After making the commitment official, Erickson participated in a one-on-one interview with Neutral Zone

NZ: What was it about Boston College that made it the place you wanted to attend after going through the recruiting process?

Erickson: I loved the idea of being in Boston. It’s one of my favorite parts of being able to go to BC. I always knew I wanted to be local, so it works out perfectly. My parents can make it to all the games. I’ve been around here my whole life and I love the city. I’ve heard amazing things about BC as a school and as a program.”

NZ: Did you go to BC games growing up?

Erickson: “Yeah, I went to a bunch of women’s games. I’m not sure if I’ve been to a men’s game, but I’ve been to a bunch of women’s games and the rink is awesome.

NZ: What was your recruiting process like?

Erickson: “I definitely started the process later. I was at Duxbury for three years so it was hard to get in contact with coaches. When I got to Milton, I repeated my junior year and I talked more to coaches. I was talking to a lot more D-I schools and I was seeing what was available. But as it went on, those slots were filling up, so I was losing hope. It’s rare to get recruited this late. Girls my age were recruited their freshman year for D-I.

“So, then I started talking to NESCAC schools and I went to some NESCAC showcases. I was highly considering that. It’s amazing schools and great hockey; a really good balance. Then once this opportunity came up with BC, it came out of nowhere. I wanted to consider it. It’s a walk-on spot, but with my work ethic, I am confident that I can get playing time. I don’t expect to start right away. Just being a part of the team and getting overall D-I experience is amazing. Obviously it’s a great academic school and I think if I work hard enough I’ll prove myself.”

NZ: Committing to BC and looking at NESCAC schools, you must be a good student. Any idea what you want to study at BC?

Erickson: “I’m blessed to have the opportunity. I’m not sure what I’ll study. I’m looking into majors a lot now. BC has a wide variety. I want to stay on the business side, but we’ll see.”

NZ: How challenging was it trying to get recruited during a pandemic with dead periods for NCAA coaches?

Erickson: “Yeah it was tough, but the one part I did like about it was, since the coaches couldn’t go to games, you weren’t distracted by who was in the stands. You know people are watching on video, but you can’t see the eyes watching you. You don’t have to overthink it. I found it as a plus. Communicating was tough. I’d send an email and I’d get an autoresponder back that they were away and off duty, so it got a little frustrating.”

NZ: How would you describe your game?

Erickson: “I think my determination and work ethic play a large role in my game. I’m always trying to get better, working in the weight room and on the ice.

“As for strengths, I would say my shot is one of my strengths. That, and just hockey IQ in general. I’ve been working with, and have been lucky to work with, coaches who have taught me overall how to be smarter on the ice as well as just skills. Ian Moran, Mike Mottau, guys like that. They’ve helped me a ton.”