NAHA Labor Day Tournament 2023 – U16 Division

Labor Day weekend, 2023 hosted season kick-off events, one of which was the NAHA Labor Day Showcase in Boston, MA. The following is our scouting report from the U16 Division. Players are listed under their team name in descending letter grade order.


Lyla Rahn #22 (Cushing Academy, F, 2026): Lyla is a pass first player who always had her head up to look for passes and create plays with her teammates. She is a good skater who can keep up with a strong pace of play and her hands enable her to get the puck in positions to get shots on net as well as send a tape to tape pass to her linemates. Grade: B

Paige Mattson # (St. Mark’s School, D, 2027): Paige is a good skater who can get up and down the ice quickly. Her feet allow her to assist in the breakout and if she sees open ice she will take it and enter the offensive zone confidently. Her awareness to see the ice and find skating lanes is also a great attribute she adds to her game. Grade: B 

Madison Dolci # (F, 2026): Madison is aggressive in the corners when battling for the puck which makes her come up with most of the loose pucks. She is tenacious and never seems to quit on any play. Her quick tight turns also help her stay effective on the forecheck and make it hard for teams to break it out on her. Grade: B-

Boston Jr. Eagles

Adeline Weisel # (Thayer Academy, D, 2026): Adeline is a defenseman with great feet and skating ability. She has explosive movements that allow her to escape from pressure and get pucks up ice. Her awareness also helps her find open ice to get clean passes to teammates to exit the zone clean. Grade: B 


Julia Lambert #7 (Cushing Academy, F, 2026): Julia always finds herself around the net to pick up loose pucks and rebounds. She plays strong and does not seem to be intimidated to enter the dirty areas of the ice. She can get open and make life easier on her teammates to give them an outlet pass. When she has the puck her vision close to the cage is good because she can find cross crease passes and set her teammates up for easy goals. She also plays very energetically and uses her voice on the ice to call for pucks. Grade: B 


Cassidy Lobisser #23 (NAHA Red 16U, F, 2026): Cassidy is a good skater who is always moving her feet. This allows her to get to scoring areas quickly and evade the defense. When she is in a shooting area she can put a good shot on net and see where she wants to put the puck which results in her scoring more goals. With that said, her passing did not go unnoticed, she likes to dish the puck to her teammates and set them up for goals. 

Alara Murphy #18 (NAHA Red 16U, D, 2025): Alara is a good offensive defenseman. She loves to get involved in the offense, she always has her feet moving around the blue line or creeping backdoor to create offensive chances and scoring opportunities for herself and the team. When she is walking the line she has her head up looking for shooting lanes to get the puck towards the net. She also has a lot of power in her shot and can unload a hard and accurate one timer to generate scoring chances and rebounds.

MN Whitecaps

Kaycee Chatleain #8 (Centennial High School, F, 2027): Kaycee is a strong centerman who wins her draws and gets her team possession of the puck. She is great in the corners, battling for the puck and using her body and frame to separate the puck from opponents. When she has the puck she likes to keep her head up and utilize her vision on the ice by sending pucks to open teammates and setting them up for goals. Grade: A-

Emily Pohl #27 (Hill Murray High School, F, 2027): Emily has quick hands that allow her to separate herself from the opposition and find open ice to get a clean shot on. Her shot is hard and she shoots at scoring areas of the net that have high possibilities of finding the back of the net as well as rebounds in front. Based on her stats, we can see she shot the puck well and helped in her team to succeed. Grade: B+

Talla Hansen # (Benilde-St. Margaret’s, F, 2027): Talla has quick feet which combines well with how fast she can get her shots off. Her hands allow her to evade the defense and find open space to find teammates with good passes as well as getting shots on net. She also has a good sense of where to be considering her finals goal came from a rebound that she collected and buried. Grade: B+

Katya Sander #5 (Holy Family, F, 2026): Katya is a solid all-around defender. She is great at moving the puck and helping in creating offense for her team. She also is tall which helps her reach in passing lanes to break up plays and close in on her gaps on one on ones. Grade: B+

Maddy Kimbrel #11 (Orono High School, F, 2026): Maddy is a good skater who can skate with speed and she even seems to be moving her feet quicker with the puck. She is always moving her feet off and on the puck which helps her teammates by opening up the ice and making her hard to defend. She also keeps her head up and can find skating lanes to enter the O zone as well as exit the D zone cleanly. Grade: B

Alaina Gentz # (F, 2026): Alaina has good awareness and IQ for the game. She knows where to be and where to place herself to give her teammates outlet passes to feed back to them or continue offensive pressure. She is fearless in front of the net and battles hard for the puck to grab rebounds and along the boards. Alaina also gets pucks to the net and rarely will miss which makes the opposing goalie work and generate mistakes. Grade: B