Borgiel to wear purple in 2022 at Holy Cross

Casey Borgiel (Little Caesars, D, 2022) to Holy Cross

The Michigan native has played for the Little Caesar’s since 2017 as a U14 player. On December, 19th, 2020, Borgiel announced her commitment to trade in the orange jersey and put on purple at The College of Holy Cross in 2022.

Borgiel has tallied 7 reports on Neutral Zone since 2018. From the NAHA Labor Day Tournament this year, scouts had this to say about her “Borgiel had a strong tournament overall but she got better and better the deeper they went in the playoffs. She’s a good-sized, tough to play against type defender who battles for ice, has strong edges and wins puck battles. She has a heavy shot and scored on a bullet one-timer in the slot area and showed smart puck movement on the breakout and through the neutral zone surveying the ice and moving it to the soft areas. She doesn’t throw the puck away and will skate it out of pressure if needed but she can also make a quick dish and jump up into the rush to support or activate as a fourth forward which she did often. She doesn’t give ice easily, she steps up at the offensive blue line to keep pucks in and keep plays alive and she will close on an opposing forward at the red line to force a dump in or icing. Her passes are crisp and on tape and she understands where to be on the ice, how to read a rush and take away the hardest plays for the goalie.”

Borgiel is a 4-star prospect on Neutral Zone and has a high-grade point average. Those points combined will make Borgiel an immediate impact player and student at Holy Cross.

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