August Commitments: A mix of ’23, ’24, and ’25 grads

August was a very active month for college commitments. We have begun to see a large roster of 2025 grads begin to commit to their respective schools. While there are still many quality 2024 grads that are still available and some have found a home in the month of August. And during this month we also learned of a number of late announcements for the 2023 season from Division 1 and 3 institutions as well as USport establishments. Good luck to all the ‘23 grads as they embark on their collegiate careers and congratulations to the newly committed players and their respective universities. Women’s hockey continues to grow into the 2023-24 season!

Ellie DimatosD (★★★★1/4) – Commits to Princeton University ‘25

Dimatos is one of the first of a large group of 2025 grads to commit in August. Last season the right handed defender was a rock on the backend for The Lawrenceville School. Dimatos is also a powerhouse for her split season team with the Philadelphia Jr. Flyers. And in 2025 she will not have to buy a new wardrobe, as she transitions from the Philly black and orange to the Princeton Tigers black and orange. This New Jersey born player is really putting New Jersey women’s hockey on the map.

NZ Scouts say: “Dimatos has quick hands and is crafty/creative with the puck. She will turn and use her body well to protect pucks and keep her wheels turning up ice. Defensively, she reads plays well, anticipates, and takes away options quickly and often picks off passes. An all around dynamic defender.”

Ella Lucia – F (★★★1/2) – Commits to Harvard University ‘24

NZ Scouts say: “Shaefer uses her speed effectively to battle hard in all three zones, engaging in challenges along the neutral zone boards, forcing errors on the forecheck, and attacking at the defensive blueline to cause turnovers that lead to zone entries. On net drives, she gets pucks on net to set up scoring opportunities.”

Catie Collins – D (★★★1/4) – Commits to Princeton University ‘25

Collins will head down the east coast in 2025 to join the Princeton Tigers. The South Burlington, VT born defender still has some time to continue to hone her craft and will be seen in not only a Loomis sweater but making strong outlet passes for the CT Polars bears as well. There is a lot of potential for Collins to grow into her game and bring solid defense to Princeton. 

NZ Scouts say: “The good sized defender showed good lateral movement and quickness coming off the wall with pucks to create shooting/passing lanes. She also seemed very comfortable making plays on her backhand, making strong passes and area sauce for teammates. ”

Carly Sardine – F (★★★) – Commits to Syracuse University ‘24

Sardine has been a tough one to track as she has jumped from Shattuck St. Mary’s to the Etobicoke Dolphins, and this season she will sport the Stoney Creek Sabres logo. But the 5’9” forward will finish this year in Stoney Creek before heading off to upstate New York where she will join the Orange Women of Syracuse under the tutelage of now newly minted Head Coach Britni Smith. Sardine will look to help the Orange Women get back to the dance for only their 3rd time in team history. 

NZ Scouts say: “Sardine plays smart on the defensive side of the puck getting into position and providing good coverage and support. Her solid defensive positioning directly relates to her offensive prowess. She’s always on the right side of the puck and will transition quickly. She is hard on the forecheck and pressures the puck inside-out forcing everything down the boards. She’s a solid two way player who plays a complete and 200 foot game. ”

2025 Commitments

Bella Finnegan (D) – Commits to Harvard University ‘25

Mikah Keller (F) – Commits to Penn State University ‘25

Hilary Wilkin (F) – Commits to University of Vermont ‘25

Jade Barbirati – (F)Commits to University of Vermont ‘25

Zoe Cliche (G)Commits to University of Vermont ‘25

Alex Therien (D) – Commits to University of New Hampshire ‘25

2024 Commitments

Cordelia Wemyss (D) – Commits to Utica College ‘24

Annie Gallagher (F) – Commits to Williams College ‘24

Madison Buziak (D)Commits to Rochester Institute of Technology ‘24

Kiera Healey (D) – Commits to Boston University ‘24

Ainsley Gray (D) – Commits to Middlebury College ‘24

2023 Commitments

Noa Brown (G)Commits to Brown University ‘23

Megan Ognibene (D) – Commits to Union College ‘23

Chelsea Kingston (G) – Commits to Buffalo State University ‘23

Lauren Ferrari (G) – Commits to Endicott College ‘23

Valerie Wheeler (F) – Commits to Neumann University ‘23

Madison Paglia (F) – Commits to Neumann University ‘23

Adriana O’Heron (F) – Commits to Neumann University ‘23

Brooke Markley (D) – Commits to Neumann University ‘23

Marissa Rumsey (D) – Commits to Neumann University ‘23

Noelle Woodward (G) – Commits to Neumann University ‘23

Ella Sciborski (G) – Commits to Neumann University ‘23

Maria Linzbichler (F) – Commits to Norwich University ‘23

Syrianna Running Rabbit (D) – Commits to Buffalo State University ‘23

Ema Joskova (F/D) – Commits to Nichols College ‘23

Grace Marion (F) – Commits to Buffalo State University ‘23

Felicia Zander (F) – Commits to Nichols College ‘23

Mya Lucifora (G) – Commits to University of British Columbia ‘24