Governor's vs Thayer

Game Recap

Period 1: Thayer jumped out to an early lead off of a goal from #10 Madison McCaffrey 14 seconds into the frame. Governor’s was able to find their legs and get  momentum and offensive zone time with roughly 14 minutes remaining in the period. Governor’s goaltender #1 Devon Galizio recovered well from the early goal and made some solid saves to hold Governor’s within 1. The Governor’s line of #2 Lily Shannon, #11 Kelly Harty, and #9 Ashley Hart generated the majority of their teams offense and showed off their individual skill and chemistry by setting u some nice tic-tac-toe plays, all turned away by Thayer goaltender #1 Leonie-Louise Kuehberger

Period 2: Teams traded penalties but neither  were able to capitalize on the man advantage. Play centered a lot round the neutral zone, with each team making a considerable amount of turnovers on the transition. Thayer came out on top in scoring chances but Governor goalie came up big and made some great saves.

Period 3: Governor’ struggled to connect on passes and Thayer laid on the pressure. #2 Lily Shannon had a great look at the net but #1 Leonie-Llouise Kuehberger came up with a big stop. From the 4 minute point on, Governor’s controlled replay but had a hard time getting the puck to the net. #15 Clair Webster ended the game with an open net goal at the 22 second mark.

3 Stars of the Game

  1. #1 Leonie-Louise Kuehberger (Thayer)
  2. #1 Devon Galizia (Governor’s)
  3. #10 Madison McCaffery (Thayer)