Top 10 Poll

Half way through the Prep season and we have two teams who are off to an impressive undefeated record so far. Many teams have returned back to school from the holiday break and games are in full swing. There have been a numerous number of stand-out players so far this season. Below is a poll of the top 10 teams.

  1. Nobles (14-0-0): Nobles with an impressive 11-0 start to the season Nobles is proving to be a dominant team for this season. There are many standout players on this team, with a few stand out players that have been helping the seam have great success. Elizabeth Bayard is very dangerous when the puck is on her stick and has been a scorer all season so far for Nobles. Kaley McDonald has been very strong for Nobles on the defensive end and was a stand-out defenseman during the Harrington holiday tournament. Emerson O’Leary is a strong powerful forward who can power her way through defenders and take the puck hard to the net. Katherine Pyne has helped on the offensive side as well with her deceptive shot and high intelligence. 
  2. Tabor (10-0-0): Tabor is also off to a great start to the season with a 9-0 record. Tabor is led by Skylar Irving, Abby Newhook, and Julia Shaunessy. Irving is a fast skater with great deception skills and is able to step up and take control whenever she can. Newhook has shown great skill down low in the offensive zone for Tabor and is able to put the puck in the back of the net with poise. Shaunessy is a strong force on the offensive blue line and is able to get hard accurate slap shots off quickly.  
  3. BB&N (9-2-0): BB&N has had great success so far this season and has seen great work from Raia Schluter. Schluter is a high tempo player who is a tenacious forechecker who battles hard for BB&N for loose pucks and works even harder to control the puck when she has it in the offensive zone. BB&N has also seen great work from Molly Griffin, who is also a high tempo player with quick hands and feet.
  4. Rivers (7-2-0): Rivers has had a stand out defensemen this season with Lillian Branka. Branka has finesse and is extremely offensive. Branka finds ways to contribut to the play almost every shift she is out. Rivers has also seen great work from Jenna MacDonald who is an extremely offensive player with a hard, accurate shot from the point. MacDonald has a high hockey IQ, who makes decisions quickly.  
  5. Kent (7-3-1): With only three losses on the season so far, Kent has seen great play with confidence in net from Catie Boudiette. Boudiette is technically sound and always puts on a good performance when she is in net. Kent has also seen strong puck control and a great release on her shot from Taylor Jeffrey. Jeffrey has aided a great amount of support for the offensive side for Kent. Mallory Mauracher has been great on the defensive side for Kent by not allowing pucks on net when she is on the ice. 
  6. Westminster (9-5-0): Westminster has seen great offensive work from Megan Rittenhouse who forces turnovers and is able to set up cycles in the offensive zone. Calista Adorno has been solid on the defensive side for Westminster and anticipates the play well with the ability to step up and attack the puck without hesitation. 
  7. St. Paul’s School (8-3-0): St. Paul’s speedy Gabrielle Roy uses her technique to skate past defenders and become an offensive threat for her team. Roy is an aggressive forechecker, who distributes the puck well to her teammates. St. Paul’s has also seen great work from Tiffany Hill who is tenacious and competitive, as well as excels on the PK. 
  8. Williston (8-3-0): Williston’s Bryn Saarela has allowed for the team to create many offensive chances. Saarela has slick hands and likes to rush the puck. Saarela is all over loose pucks in all three zones for Williston. Juliana Constantinople has been strong defensively for Williston while also aiding on the offensive side. Constantinople steps up smartly in the neutral zone and lead the transition back to offense.
  9. Phillips Andover (7-3-0): Andover has seen great goalkeeping from Sofia Merageas who has excellent size and keeps a compact stance to fill holes. Anna Bargman has an accurate, hard release shot, and is a heads up passer who can hit her teammates’ tape at speed. 
  10. New Hampton (6-4-0): Taze Thompson has high hockey IQ and the skill to back it up. She sees the ice well and has become a scoring machine for New Hampton. Joanne Tattersall does not wait for the puck to come to he; she steps up and steals pucks to immediately turn the play around and back up the ice.