Edward G. Watkins Girls' Invitational Tournament Day 2 Recaps

Northwood vs Cushing – A back and forth game between two talented teams. The first period put Northwood on the board with a power play goal from #13 Aimee Headland assisted by #17 Madison Novotny. Both teams had solid goaltending keeping the second period scoreless. A couple big saves from Cushing’s #1 Sarah Potter to keep them in. North wood’s #34 Emilie Venne was very technical between the pipes and made some aggressive puck play decisions. The third period allowed Cushing to tie it up with a beautiful goal from #11 Mia Langlois assisted by #15 Shea Verrier. On a power play, Cushing takes the lead with a bouncing goal off a show from #8 Sam Taber, credited to #26 for a potential tip after the shot. Northwood didn’t stay down for long, they responded with 4 unanswered goals in the last 8 minutes of the game. Goals from #10 Ella Fesette, #15 Meggan Cramer, empty netter by #11 Iliana Smith, and with two seconds left, a top corner goal by #5 Marina Alvarez. Northwood wins 5-2. 
3 stars

1- Ella Fesette, Northwood

2- Shea Verrier, Cushing

3- Marina Alvarez, Northwood

Winchendon vs. Berkshire- This match up was physical from the get-go. Numerous penalties throughout with lots of bodies all over the ice. Berkshire’s #14 Caroline Mezias scored in the first to get them on the board. With only a minute left in the first, Berkshire’s #10 Catherine Appleyard gets the game winning power play goal. Linemate, #12 Ashlyn Ham had excellent offensive chemistry to help Appleyard out the puck in the net. In the second, Winchendon’s #2 Anna McCluskey got a 2v0 turned breakaway, and scored the only Winch goal. The third period got increasingly more physical, and tensions grew higher as Berkshire’s #10 Appleyard gets her second of the game, the teams third. With 2 minutes remaining, Winch pulled their goalie to try to come back from the two goal deficit. Winch #6 Julia Holmes took control on many occasions, skating the puck all the way out of her zone. Unable to score, but there was an altercation in front of the Berkshire net with 50 seconds left in the game leading to one ejection from Winchendon, and two ejections from Berkshire. 

3 stars
1- Catherine Appleyard, Berkshire
2- Ashlyn Ham, Berkshire
3- Juli Holmes, Winchendon

Deerfield vs. Culver – Deerfield went up on culver 2-0 in the first period. Goals by #5 Brianna Felice and #7 Keri Clougherty. Another goal went in from #20 Kelly Howe in the second to make the score 3-0. The effort and playmaking from #21 on Deerfield, Ellia Chiang, was instrumental in the success of the team. Not ready to give up, the young and mighty Culver struck back twice with back to back goals from #4 Karmen Anderson. Deerfield’s #19 Sydney Cresta popped one in 17 seconds after, and Freshman #8 CC DesLauriers got the final goal of the game as she skated it all the way up to snipe. Final score was 5-2 Deerfield. 

3 stars
1- Ellia Chiang (Deerfield)
2- CC DesLauriers (Deerfield)
3- Karmen Anderson (Culver)

Worcester vs New Hampton – Worcester played a feisty game versus the skilled and flashy New Hampton. In the first period, Worcester scored three goals by #17 Jenna Krikorian, #9 Faith Mancini, and #16 Lauren Potvin. Worcester made their mark by crashing the net hard and putting every puck on net they could. #2 Ciara Wall was especially effective at putting pucks on net. In the first and second periods, New Hampton only had two goals by #2 Julia Pellerin and #9 Taze Thompson. When the third period started, New Hampton took off and played to their full potential, scoring 4 unanswered goals by #9 Taze Thompson, #22 Emma Robertson, #21 Maddie Young, and an empty net by #2 Julia Pellerin. Worcester put up a strong fight in this game but New Hampton’s talent was victorious 6-3. 

3 stars
1- Taze Thompson (New Hampton)
2- Ciara Wall (Worcester)
3- Maddie Young (New Hampton)