Girls Prep Holiday Tournaments

Patsy Odden Invitational


Group A:  Taft School, Tabor Academy, Loomis Chaffee, Lawrenceville

Group B:  Andover, Choate, Hotchkiss, Kent


Thursday December 13 at Taft School

8:00am    Loomis Chaffe vs. Tabor   (Mays Rink)

8:30am    Taft vs. Lawrenceville  (Odden Arenda)

9:45am     Kent vs. Hotchkiss   (Mays Rink)

10:15am   Andover vs. Choate  (Odden Arena)

1:45pm     Lawrenceville vs. Loomis Chaffee  (Mays Rink)

2:15pm    Taft vs. Tabor  (Odden Arena)

3:30pm     Choate vs. Kent   (Mays Rink)

4:00pm     Hotchkiss vs. Andover   (Odden Arena)



Friday, December 14 at Taft School

8:00am     Tabor vs. Lawrenceville   (Mays Rink)

8:30am     Taft vs. Loomis Chaffee  (Odden Arena)

9:45am     Choate vs. Hotchkiss    (Mays Rink)

10:15am   Andover vs. Kent    (Odden Arena)

1:30       Group A  #2  vs. Group B #2     (Odden Arena)

1:30       Group A  #1 vs. Group B #1   (Mays Rink)


Harrington Invitational


Milton Division: Milton, Lawrence, St. Paul’s, St. Mark’s

Nobles & Greenough Division:  Nobles, Middlesex, Westminster, Williston Northampton


Friday, December 14th at Milton Academy

9:30am                 St. Marks vs.  Milton Academy

11:30am               St. Pauls vs. Lawrence Academy

1:30pm                 Nobles & Greenough vs. Westminster School

3:30pm                 Middlesex vs. Williston-Northampton

5:30pm                 Lawrence Academy vs. Milton Academy

7:30pm                 St. Paul’s vs. St. Mark’s


Saturday, December 15th at Nobles & Greenough

8:30am                 Middlesex vs. Nobles & Greenough

10:30am               Westminster vs. Williston-Northampton

12:30pm               St. Mark’s vs. Lawrence Academy

2:30pm                 Milton Academy vs. St. Paul’s

4:30pm                 Williston-Northampton vs. Nobles & Greenough

6:30pm                 Westminster vs. Middlesex


Sunday, December 16th at Milton Academy


8:00am                 4th Seed Nobles vs. 4th Seed Milton

10:00am               3rd Seed Nobles vs. 3rd Seed Milton

12:00pm               2nd Seed Nobles vs. 2nd Seed Milton

2:00pm                 1st Seed Nobles vs. 1st Seed Milton



Edward Watkins Invitational


Fisher Division: Culver, Berkshire, Cushing, Winchendon

Iorio Division: Deerfield, Worcester, New Hampton, Northwood


Thursday, December 13th at Cushing Academy

2:30pm                 Cushing vs. Winchendon

4:20pm                 Berkshire vs. Culver

6:10pm                 Deerfield vs. Worcester

8:00pm                 New Hampton vs. Northwood


Friday, December 14th at Cushing Academy

8:00am                 Winchendon vs. Berkshire

9:50am                 Cushing vs. Culver

11:40am               Northwood vs. Deerfield

1:30pm                 Worcester vs. New Hampton

3:20pm                 Winchendon vs. Culver

5:10pm                 Cushing vs. Berkshire

7:00pm                 Deerfield vs. New Hampton

8:50pm                 Northwood vs. Worcester


Saturday, December 15th at Cushing Academy

8:00am                 4th Seed Fisher vs. 4th Seed Iorio

10:00am               3rd Seed Fisher vs. 3rd Seed Iorio

12:00pm               2nd Seed Fisher vs. 2nd Seed Iorio

2:00pm                 1st Seed Fisher vs. 1st Seed Iorio


**Coaches – Please submit any other Holiday Tournament Schedules as they come out to and we’ll get it posted!