Neutral Zone Launches New England Prep Girls Website

Neutral Zone, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of NZ Prep Girls; a free league website where coaches can input rosters, schedules, scores and statistics. NZ Prep Boys was launched last season and had tremendous success in bringing unprecedented coverage to the league and its players.

“Neutral Zone has become the leading source in women’s amateur hockey and while we have occupied mostly the news and scouting space the past two years; we are making a move into league websites,” said Neutral Zone President Steve Wilk.

“Under the leadership of Jess Cameron, a former prep player and NCAA All-American goaltender; Jackie Perez, a former NCAA National Champion and NCAA coach and Molly Corkery Gabarro a former prep and college player and now prep coach; we are confident in having a great team to give these girls the highest level of access and exposure in the game. We have been dedicated since launching NZ Women’s in 2016 to provide girls with the same level of exposure, access and professionalism as their male counterparts.”

The website will operate independently of NEPSHIA so no coach is required to utilize the platform, but it is available for all to use as they wish. Every coach in the league will be given access to this platform for free and they can enter their school information, rink location, alumni, contact info, rosters, schedules and stats. It is an all-encompassing one-stop shop for girls prep hockey and it’s entirely free.

“Our initial mission behind the site came from the college coaches who were looking for a place to get rosters, schedules and stats for prep players,” said Jess Cameron, Director of Women’s Hockey at Neutral Zone. “We developed a custom-made website with 24/7 tech support staff, we recruited Hickling Images the leading photographers in hockey to provide photos and we have a qualified, professional staff that will go to games, run social media accounts and provide unprecedented coverage.”

The league website will serve as a central area for players, parents, college coaches and fans to follow. There will be weekly game reports and write ups, special interest stories and interviews with players, coaches and alumni throughout the season.

“Another motivation behind this coverage is to promote girls prep hockey,” remarked Jackie Perez, Director of Hockey Operations at Neutral Zone. “This is a great league and it doesn’t get the respect it deserves because unlike Minnesota HS or JWHL or PWHL, it is hard to find rosters, schedules, scores and stats. There is very little coverage out there for girls prep players. If you go onto Elite Prospects, the leading source of hockey statistics in the world, there is no mention that Cayla Barnes, one of the best players in US hockey, played at New Hampton. That, among others, motivated us to put our resources to work and give the players, the schools and the coaches the highest level of quality, professionalism, access and exposure.”

The prep season is only a few weeks away so coaches have all been sent information to access the site and start inputting information. Follow us on twitter at NZPrepHockey for the latest news and coverage in New England Prep Hockey!