NE Prep Holiday Tournament Schedule 2022-23 (Updated)

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Rider Cup Hockey Tournament

Friday, December 9th
13:00pmAlbany Academy vs Wilbraham & MonsonAlbany
25:00pmSpringfield Jr. Thunderbirds vs Wyoming SeminaryAlbany
37:00pmRidley vs Austin PrepAlbany
49:00pmRice vs Somang PrepAlbany
Saturday, December 10th
511:00amLoser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2Albany
61:00pmLoser Game 3 vs Loser Game 4Albany
73:00pmWinner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2Albany
85:00pmWinner Game 3 vs Winner Game 4Albany
Sunday, December 11th
99:00amLoser Game 5 vs Loser Game 6Albany
1011:00amWinner Game 5 vs Winner Game 6Albany
111:00pmLoser Game 7 vs Loser Game 8Albany
123:00pmWinner Game 7 vs Winner Game 8: Championship GameAlbany

Avon Old Farms Christmas Classic

Thursday, December 15th
11:00pmFrederick Gunn School vs BerkshireAvon
23:00pmLoomis Chaffee vs Trinity PawlingAvon
35:00pmTabor vs. Avon Old FarmsAvon
47:00pmKent vs St. Paul’sAvon
Friday, December 16th
59:00amTrinity Pawling vs Frederick Gunn SchoolTrinity College
69:00amBerkshire vs Loomis ChaffeeAvon
711:00amSt. Paul’s vs TaborTrinity College
811:00amKent vs Avon Old FarmsAvon
93:00pmBerkshire vs Trinity PawlingAvon
105:00pmLoomis Chaffee vs Frederick Gunn SchoolAvon
117:00pmTabor vs KentAvon
129:00pmSt.Paul’s vs Avon Old FarmsAvon
Saturday, December 17th
138:30am4th Pierpont vs 4th TrautmanAvon
1410:30am3rd Pierpont vs 3rd TrautmanAvon
151:30pm2nd Pierpont vs 2nd TrautmanAvon
163:30pm1st Pierpont vs 1st Trautman: Championship GameAvon

Groton/Lawrence Academy Holiday Hockey Tournament

Thursday, December 15th
14:30pmThayer vs GrotonGroton – O’Brien
25:30pmHolderness vs PomfretGroton – Pratt
36:30pmProctor vs Dexter SouthfieldGroton – O’Brien
47:30pmCushing vs Lawrence AcademyLawrence Academy
Friday, December 16th
53:00pmGroton vs ProctorGroton – O’Brien
64:00pmPomfret vs Lawrence AcademyLawrence Academy
75:00pmThayer vs DexterGroton – O’Brien
86:00pmCushing vs HoldernessLawrence Academy
Saturday, December 17th
99:15amGroton vs. PomfretGroton – Pratt
109:30amProctor vs LawrenceGroton – O’Brien
119:30amThayer vs HoldernessLawrence Academy
1211:30amDexter vs Cushing
Championship Game
Lawrence Academy

Mutch Cup Hockey Tournament (St. Sebastian’s)

Friday, December 16th
12:00pmSt. Sebastian’s vs AlbanySt. Sebastian’s
24:00pmWilliston vs WinchendonSt. Sebastian’s
36:00pmNorthwood vs RiversSt. Sebastian’s
48:00pmSt. Andrew’s vs BrunswickSt. Sebastian’s
Saturday, December 17th
511:00amLoser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2St. Sebastian’s
61:00pmLoser Game 3 vs Loser Game 4St. Sebastian’s
73:00pmWinner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2St. Sebastian’s
85:00pmWinner Game 3 vs Winner Game 4 St. Sebastian’s
Sunday, December 18th
99:00amRivers vs. WinchendonSt. Sebastian’s
1011:00amSt. Andrews vs. AlbanySt. Sebastian’s
111:00pmNorthwood vs. WillistonSt. Sebastian’s
123:00pmBrunswick vs. St Sebastian’sSt. Sebastian’s

Lawrenceville Invitation Hockey Tournament

Friday, December 16th
19:00amNichols vs NMHLawrenceville
211:00amLawrenceville vs UCCLawrenceville
32:00pmTaft vs Belmont HillLawrenceville
44:00pmStanstead vs ChoateLawrenceville
Saturday, December 17th
59:30amChoate vs TaftLawrenceville
69:30amBelmont Hill vs StansteadBaker
711:30amNichols vs LawrencevilleLawrenceville
811:30amNMH vs UCCBaker
92:30pmStanstead vs TaftLawrenceville
104:30pmChoate vs Belmont HillLawrenceville
116:30pmLawrenceville vs NMHLawrenceville
128:30pmUCC vs NicholsLawrenceville
Sunday, December 18th
138:00amBernard 4th vs Schonheiter 4thLawrenceville
1410:00amBernard 3rd vs Schonheiter 3rdLawrenceville
1512:00pmBernard 2nd vs Schonheiter 2ndLawrenceville
162:15pmBernard 1st vs Schonheiter 1st: Championship GameLawrenceville

Barber Memorial Hockey Tournament

Friday, December 16th
15:00pmMiddlesex vs Portsmouth AbbeyMiddlesex
25:00pmSt. Mark’s vs Vermont AcademySt. Mark’s
37:00pmCanterbury vs Kents HillMiddlesex
47:00pmHill School vs. Worcester AcademySt. Mark’s
Saturday, December 17th
58:30amPortsmouth Abbey vs. Kents HillMiddlesex
68:30amVermont Academy vs. WorcesterSt. Mark’s
710:30amMiddlesex vs. CanterburyMiddlesex
810:30amSt. Mark’s vs. Hill SchoolSt. Mark’s
91:30pmLoser Game 5 vs Loser Game 6Middlesex
101:30pmWinner Game 5 vs Winner Game 6: Consolation GameSt. Mark’s
113:30pmLoser Game 7 vs Loser Game 8Middlesex
123:30pmWinner Game 7 vs Winner Game 8: Championship GameSt. Mark’s

Brooks/Pingree Holiday Tournament

Friday, December 16th
14:15pmPingree School vs New HamptonPingree
24:15pmBrooks School vs Berwick AcademyBrooks
36:15pmNorth Yarmouth Academy vs Hebron AcademyPingree
46:15pmMillbrook School vs Tilton SchoolBrooks
Saturday, December 17th
59:00amPingree School vs Hebron AcademyPingree
69:00amBrooks School vs Millbrook SchoolBrooks
711:00amNew Hampton vs North Yarmouth AcademyPingree
811:00amTilton School vs Berwick AcademyBrooks
95:00pmPingree vs North Yarmouth AcademyPingree
105:00pmBerwick Academy vs Millbrook SchoolBrooks
117:00pmHebron Academy vs New HamptonPingree
127:00pmBrooks School vs Tilton SchoolBrooks
Sunday, December 18thAll pending final standings for host schools

Flood-Marr Holiday Tournament

Friday, December 16th
19:00amNobles vs HotchkissNobles
211:00amKimball Union vs WestminsterNobles
31:00pmDeerfield vs Milton AcademyNobles
43:00pmPhillips Andover vs SalisburyNobles
55:00pmNobles vs Kimball UnionNobles
67:00pmHotchkiss vs WestminsterNobles
Saturday, December 17th
79:00amMilton Academy vs Phillips AndoverMilton
811:00amSalisbury vs DeerfieldMilton
91:00pmWestminster vs NoblesMilton
103:00pmHotchkiss vs Kimball UnionMilton
115:00pmMilton Academy vs SalisburyMilton
127:00pmPhillips Andover vs DeerfieldMilton
Sunday, December 18th
138:00amDeerfield vs. WestminsterNobles
1410:00amAndover vs. NoblesNobles
1512:00pmSalisbury vs. HotchkissNobles
162:00pmMilton vs. KUANobles

St. George’s Howard Invitational

Friday, December 16th
11:00pmBrewster vs Wyoming Seminary
21:15pmSt. George’s vs BB&N
35:30pmBB&N vs Brewster
45:45pmWyoming Seminary vs St. George’s
Saturday, December 17th
58:30amSt. George’s vs Brewster
68:45amWyoming Seminary vs BB&N
Arena’s are currently unavailable but will be updated as soon as they can be

NYA Holiday Faceoff

Thursday, December 29th
11:00pmBerwick vs NYANYA
23:30pmBB&N vs Roxbury LatinNYA
Friday, December 30th
39:00amBB&N vs NYANYA
411:00amRoxbury Latin vs BerwickNYA
53:00pmBerwick vs BB&NNYA
65:00pmRoxbury Latin vs NYABowdoin

Nichols-Belmont Hill Holiday Hockey Tournament

Wednesday, December 28th
19:00amNichols School vs Gilmour Academy
211:00amMillbrook School vs Academie St.Louis
31:00pmBelmont Hill School vs Brewster Academy
43:00pmBrunswick vs St. Francis
56:00pmMillbrook School vs Brewster Academy
68:00pmAcademie St. Louis vs Gilmour Academy
Thursday, December 29th
79:00amBelmont Hill School vs Brunswick
811:00amBrewster Academy vs St. Francis
91:00pmGilmour Academy vs Millbrook
103:00pmNichols School vs Academie St. Louis
116:00pmSt. Francis vs Belmont Hill School
128:00pmBrunswick vs Brewster Academy
Friday, December 30th
138:00amGreen 4th Place vs Blue 4th Place
1410:00pmGreen 3rd Place vs Blue 3rd Place
1512:00pmGreen 2nd Place vs Blue 2nd Place
162:30pmGreen 1st Place vs Blue 1st Place: Championship Game
Rink information is currently unavailable but will be updated as soon as it is

Edward G. Watkins

Thursday, December 29th
111:00amDexter Southfield vs ThayerCushing
21:10pmCushing vs CanterburyCushing
33:20pmGovernor’s Academy vs StansteadCushing
45:30pmLawrence Academy vs New. HamptonCushing
Friday, December 30th
511:00amLoser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2Cushing
61:10pmLoser Game 3 vs Loser Game 4Cushing
73:20pmWinner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2Cushing
85:30pmWinner Game 3 vs Winner Game 4Cushing
Saturday, December 31st
99:30amLoser Game 5 vs Loser Game 6Cushing
1011:40amWinner Game 5 vs Winner Game 6Cushing
111:50pmLoser Game 7 vs Loser Game 8Cushing
124:00pmWinner Game 7 vs Winner Game 8: Championship GameCushing

Weeks Tourney

Monday, January 2nd
19:00amSt. Paul’s vs St. George’sTabor
29:00amPomfret vs MiltonGallo
311:00amTabor vs Kents HillTabor
411:00amProctor vs WinchendonGallo
52:00pmLoser of Game 1 vs Loser of Game 2Tabor
64:00pmLoser of Game 3 vs Loser of Game 4Tabor
76:00pmWinner of Game 1 vs Winner of Game 2Tabor
88:00pmWinner of Game 3 vs Winner of Game 4Tabor
Tuesday, January 3rd
99:00amLoser of Game 6 vs Loser of Game 5Tabor
1011:00amWinner of Game 6 vs Winner of Game 5Tabor
111:00pmLoser of Game 8 vs Loser of Game 7Tabor
123:00pmWinner of Game 8 vs Winner of Game 7: Championship GameTabor
Teams listed first are considered Home and will wear dark uniforms

Photo Credit: Dan Hickling/Hickling Images