Holt All-Conference Team and POTY

The Holt Conference released their All-Conference Team and Player of the Year. Worcester Academy won the Conference over Portsmouth Abbey in a great game. We covered all but one of these teams and all of these players are deserving. Jacob Ierfino from Portsmouth Abbey was named player of the year.

Holt All-Conference Team and Player of the Year


  1. Jacob Ierfino-Portsmouth Abbey
  2. Nathanel Peretz-Noth Yarmouth Academy
  3. Jamison Alicandro-Worcester Academy
  4. Nate Palumbo-Worcester Academy
  5. Justin Massa-Berwick
  6. Kevin McElaney-Kents Hill


  1. Cody Plaza-Pingree
  2. Connor Gethings-Worcester Academy
  3. Michael Stephenson-Portsmouth Abbey
  4. Nick Theodos-Hebron


  1. Rorke Applebee-Portsmouth Abbey
  2. Ben Plotner-Worcester Academy

Player of the Year: Jacob Ierfino-Portsmouth Abbey

Photo Credit: Dan Hickling/Hickling Images