Flood Marr Recap & Playoff Schedule

Each team at the Flood Marr plays three games and then has a playoff round on Sunday morning/afternoon. Through the first two days we have put together a quick recap of the teams, how they fared and who is playing who tomorrow.

2pm Milton Academy vs. Nobles & Greenough

These two ISL rivals are similar teams; they both have three lines of forwards, tough defensively and built from the net out. Nobles is coming into the final off three convincing wins over Salisbury, Andover and Deerfield and have excellent team speed and energy. Milton had a tougher schedule facing KUA, who they tied, and wins over Westminster and Hotchkiss.

Nobles might be a step faster than Milton but the Mustangs are older and more disciplined. A battle between the two host teams should be a great game and will have major standings and playoff ramificiations down the line.

12pm Salisbury vs. KUA

These teams have won 7 of the last 8 Elite 8 finals! An amazing run by these two prep powerhouses and they’ll meet head to head in the third place game. KUA remains unbeaten and our #1 ranked team in the NZ Prep Poll but given goals against tie breaker they are in the consolation game. Likely the most talented team in the league top to bottom, KUA plays with size, pace, skill and toughness. Salisbury has had an uncharacteristc start with two losses before reaching the tournament and then getting blown out by Nobles in tonights game. Don’t even think of counting these guys out, they have a few injuries right now on their backend and aren’t quite firing upfront but these are two teams that will be in the hunt late in the season. Has the chance to be the feature game of the weekend.

10am Westminster vs. Andover

Both of these teams had just one loss heading into the tournament but added to that here. They are both talented teams, they play hard and have an honest, 200 ft approach. Westminster is strong and physical, they have some older players and like to get in their opponents face. Andover is also an older team, they don’t mind the tough ice and are responsible defensively but had times where they struggled to finish. Westy played KUA and Milton tough and showed they can play with anyone in the league and Andover wasn’t their best here but they are balanced and have a team that will get better as the season goes on. Neither of these teams are likely to be Elite 8 contenders but will be playoff teams and can make a run late in the season.

8am Deerfield vs. Hotchkiss

Tough weekend for both teams, they had chances, they showed some flashes but both teams went 0-3-0 on the weekend. Both teams have decent size, a few younger players who are exciting and a veteran core but struggled to score at times and had to many defensvie zone let downs to play with the caliber of teams in this tournament.

Photo Credit: Dan Hickling/ Hickling Images