Team: Players with #50 are either alternates or injured and will join the league late. The rosters will be updated as we move close to the first games.

NZ used 13 experts from scouts, to GMs, to Central Scouting and NZ Staff to cut our applicant pool from over 600 to about 90. We then selected all the players through a draft.

You can find more info on the PHL players on NZ at

Sponsor. CCM means hockey. They are on the cutting edge of technology and messaging.

CCM’s chief marketing officer, Caroline Losson, likens hockey equipment development to an “innovation arms race.” The goal with “All Out” was to create marketing executions that “seize people’s imaginations,” she said.

“We are fortunate enough to work closely with some of the most talented players in the game, so we leverage them to capture the public imagination and shine a light on the game-changing innovation in our products.”

How: In keeping with its title, “Score from a