Team: Players with #50 are either alternates or injured and will join the league late. The rosters will be updated as we move close to the first games.

NZ used 13 experts from scouts, to GMs, to Central Scouting and NZ Staff to cut our applicant pool from over 600 to about 90. We then selected all the players through a draft.

Athlete Conditioning Training

Owner/Head Trainer Shane Relihan

Located 2nd Floor of Boch Ice Arena

Shane Relihan has been training athletes since 2007. Shane is a former Division 1 hockey player at Mercyhurst. Once hockey was done for Shane, he accepted a job coaching hockey at UMass Dartmouth. For three years he handled recruiting and the forwards. Shane expanded his training in 2014 when he opened Athlete Conditioning Training. The goal of any training program is to help athletes recover bigger, faster and stronger. At ACT we have shown that if athletes buy into the system they will see the results they are working for. We aim to set up an at