Sports Etc. Goalie of the Week

Mason Kucenski #47 –Team Hockey IQ-Mason is 6’3″ and looked terrifically athletic. The former Vermont Academy starter would have been one of the best three if not THE best goalie in NE Prep Hockey this past winter. He is an excellent skater and moved quickly in and out and side to side. He was aggressive and almost intimidating at times. He is smart and anticipated plays well. His reach stopped passes from below the goal line and he played the puck well including one long, hard stretch pass. He turned heads with everyone in attendance. Mason showed well with the U18 River Rats this Fall and is headed clearly in the right direction. Goalies can take some time and he has enormous upside.

Thanks to Sports Etc. for sponsoring our goaltenders. They are the foremost leader in goalie equipment in the New England Area!