Player Rankings: Regional

Every player in the database is assigned to a region. We use regions to separate players into geographical locations for where they are currently playing, not where they are from as USA Hockey does.

Below is a guide for what leagues match up with what regions, to make it clearer.

Western Canada = BCHL, AJHL, MJHL, SJHL

Midwest Juniors = NAHL/USHL

Eastern Juniors = USPHL, EHL

New England = Mass HS, New England Prep, New England based midget/bantam teams

Southern = Southern based Midget/Bantam teams (Team Carolina, Baltimore Skipjacks, etc.) South of Pennsylvania as west as the Mississippi River.

Midwest Midget= West of Michigan to Colorado both north and south (Milwaukee, Omaha, St. Louis, Wisconsin)

Central = Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio Midget and Bantams

Minnesota = High School and Bantam Hockey in Minnesota


Atlantic = New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Midget and Bantams

Western = Colorado and West. (Arizona, California, Colorado)