Our Team

Steve Wilk – President


Brendan Collins – Director of Scouting

Jess Cameron – Director of Women’s Hockey

Jackie Perez – Director of Editorial and Communications

Dan & Margaret Hickling – Head Photographer

Scouting Staff

Our scouting staff is comprised of the in-house scouts listed below, as well as contract scouts from the NHL, WHL, OHL, QMJHL and USHL. Due to contractual limitations with the teams they represent, these scouts cannot be named on our site.

Our scouting team covers nearly every geographical region in the United States and Canada – including many non-traditional hockey markets.

Marlin Muylaert – Head Scout

Region: Canada

Former Head Coach in CIS, NCAA

Sean Tallaire – Regional Scout

Region: Michigan

1993 NHL Draft Pick, Former D1 NCAA/Pro Player

Derek Munroe – Regional Scout

Region: Ontario

Former CIS Player

Jake Klancher – Regional Scout

Region: Midwest

Former D1 NCAA Player

Eric Ross – Regional Scout

Region: Ontario

Former CIS Player

Brian Murphy – VP and Director of US Scouting

Region: USA

Former Head Coach NCAA


Rob Ricci – Regional Scout

Region: Ontario

Former D1 NCAA/Pro Player

Roger Mischke – Regional Scout

Region: Minnesota

Former D1 NCAA Player

Brandon Heck – Regional Scout

Region: Western Canada

Former D3 NCAA Player

Todd Reid – Regional Scout

Region: Ontario

Former CIS Player

Ed Bessinger – Regional Scout

Region: New England

Former NCAA Player

Mark Bilotta – Head Scout, Director of Mass HS

Region: New England


Justin Tomberlin – Regional Scout

Region: Southern USA

1989 NHL Draft Pick, Former D1 NCAA/Pro Player

Jeff Salzburn – Regional Scout

Region: Illinois

Former QMJHL/ Pro Player

Paul O’Hagan – Regional Scout

Region: Ontario

Former OHL/CIS Player (Memorial Cup Winner), 1990 NHL Draft Pick

Terry Willis – Regional Scout

Region: Ontario

Former CIS Player