Alexander Servagno

Alexander Servagno (4 Star Amateur Rating, NHL Grade — C) Forward

Alexander was a ‘C’ rated left winger in Neutral Zone’s February Draft Rankings, coming in at #247. Lets find out who are the similarly rated left wingers and what they bring to the table.

#200 Gunnarwolfe Fontaine Offensively dynamic late 2000 who scored 26 goals for the Chicago Steel this year.

#209 Pier-Olivier Roy Undersized catalyst who has produced at every level.

#211 Andrei Bakanov NHL size and skills at 6’2″ 212lbs, but is still learning to use it on a nightly basis.

#253 Luke Toporowski A 2001 who has had two consecutive consistent years in the WHL playing for the Spokane Chiefs.

#256 Owen Fowler A smart athletic player who had back to back 36 point seasons in New England Prep hockey.

#262 Justin Hall A powerful kid who can play any situation, including taking draws on special teams.

#265 Connor Bouchard Undersized forward with good vision and an excellent motor. He is aggressive and tough to play against.

#267 Michal Gut First year in North America playing for the WHL’s Everett Silvertips. He has always produced in International competition.

#270 Xander Lamppa A 2000 who is a gamer. He has the size and mentality to play an NHL role.

#271 Jaden Grant A player who continues to improve. He is a project, but at 6’2″ and heading to Bowling Green University Jaden will continue getting looks.

#273 Tabor Heaslip The late 2001 has speed and can produce. He’s heading to UConn in the Fall and will be counted on.

#281 Simon Pinard A goal scorer. He has 29 goals in 58 games playing for Blainville-Boisbriand in the QMJHL.

#282 Timofei Khokhlachev Massive kid (6’4 210lbs) who has an edge that we like. We also like his competitiveness and net front disposition.

#283 Daniyal Dzhaniyev  Team USA product with a high hockey IQ. He’s quick and gets to open ice, utilizes his teammates with his passing ability and he can score.

Scouting Evaluation for Alexander

December 2019 Post Game Evaluation vs Team USA: Alexander finished the game with a zero Plus/minus and one shot on net, but we liked what we saw. He was consistently battling around the net looking for rebounds and he has a very quick stick. He plays a high energy game and is at his best when his feet are moving. We like how he rolls off contact during the offensive zone cycle and feel it is only a matter of time until he is generating quality high scoring opportunities in the danger areas on 5 on 5 situations. Away from the puck Alexander has improved. In the defensive zone he had his head swivel and communicated well with his defenseman while on the weak side. On the strong side, he shut down his point man and tried to maintain line-ups. He back checked with a purpose while having his stick in passing lanes. We were very impressed with his improved awareness away from the puck as this is an area that will differentiate him from his peers.

(1) Brain – We’ve been watching Alexander for 2 years and he has always had the head to be a scorer at higher levels. On a typical cycle play Alexander will watch everything and everyone in the offensive zone. If his opponents are playing man to man he is very good at skating his defender into a scrum and getting lost on the other side. If they are playing zone he quickly darts in and out of the soft areas where he is always ready to work a quick give and go or fire of a quick shot. We try to stay away from comparisons, but in the offensive zone he has a lot of Brian Gionta in him.

(2) Vision & Poise – He has very good ice awareness and sees the entire sheet. He also has a low panic button in all three zones. He might make some turnovers, but with his knack for scoring a coach may be willing to put up with it.

(3) Feet – Alexander can skate. He has excellent agility, quickness and a very high end top speed.

(4) Compete & Effort – We said he can score goals, but another reason an NHL team might be willing to deal with his turnovers is his high compete level. If he turns the puck over Alexander busts his butt to be the first man back so the damage is limited.

(5) Contact or Physicality – He goes to the high traffic areas ready to win battles and do what is best for his team.

(6) Release – Alexander has a hard accurate shot that has a very deceptive release point. He gets it away quickly while his feet are moving and can receive a bouncing pass at top speeds and get it off without stick handling.

(7) One Timer Ability – He can one time it from anywhere in the offensive zone and he hits the net.

(8) Body Language – Alexander carries himself like a professional. He has a workman like disposition and does not seem to get rattled.

(9) Special Teams Potential – Alexander will play in all key situations while at Ohio State, but we feel his goal scoring ability will make him a solid power play option at the professional level.

(10) Intangibles – A lot of times winning at the lower levels does not translate into winning any place else, but Alexander has always been the go to guy on very good teams. We feel this and his low panic point make him a leader and leadership is always at a premium.

Photo Credit: Dan Hickling/Hickling Images