2020 NHL Draft Right Wing Rankings

One of Ian’s best attributes having played in the NHL for a long time is knowing what it takes to play professional hockey at the highest levels. The grades separate who are the pros and who are the prospects. Ian gives an “A” grade to players he believes can play in the NHL by the time they are 21 years old. “A-” players are prospects who are likely to have NHL careers but may take another year or two to make it. B+ prospects are players with a chance at having an NHL career but are more likely 23 years old or older before they get their real chance. The “B” ranked prospects have a chance to make it to the NHL but will need to improve in order to have a career and the rest B- are draftable, late bloomer types who are likely to be drafted but unlikely to have an NHL career. C+ and down are players who have some NHL level attribute but need to develop the rest of their game to make it up the list.

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