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Neutral Zone’s NHL section gives you behind the scenes, historical reports and rankings on some of the best players in the world. The NHL section of the site is solely focused on draft eligible players across all leagues across the world. Neutral Zone scouts NCAA, CHL, and European leagues and evaluates  players based upon their NHL potential.

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Top 10 Rankings

# Name Conference
1 Wisconsin Big 10
2 Maine Hockey East
3 Boston College Hockey East
4 Denver NCHC
5 Michigan State Big 10
6 Nebraska Omaha NCHC
7 North Dakota NCHC
8 Cornell ECAC
9 Colorado College NCHC
10 St. Cloud NCHC
# Name Conference
1 Colby NESCAC
2 Bowdoin NESCAC
3 Chatham UCHC
4 Aurora NCHA
5 Tufts NESCAC
6 Wesleyan NESCAC
7 Amherst NESCAC
8 Norwich NEHC
9 Hamilton NESCAC
10 Lawrence NCHA
# Name League

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