U15 – Cape Cod Whalers vs Boston Jr. Eagles (9/13/2020)

Posted on September 15, 2020

Neutral Zone had two scouts in attendance evaluating as the U15 Whalers played host to the Boston Jr. Eagles. These are the players who we feel had a positive impact for their team.

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MN Blue Army at SSM U14; U15; U16

Posted on September 14, 2020

Neutral Zone was in attendance for the U14 SSM vs MN Blue Army Elite games Saturday September 12th. We watched the U14, U15 and U16 teams play. Grades for all games below are for this day only and players did well to make this report. The U14 game was a very one sided affair with…

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Beantown Classic (2004-2005): Top 87

Posted on August 31, 2020

Neutral Zone had four scouts in attendance for the Beantown Classic Showcase. Below is our report on the 2004-2005 Division. You can click on any player below and access their neutral zone player profile with this report attached as well as any other reports they’ve had on them. Players did well to make this report…

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Kings of East Coast: Top 60 Prospects

Posted on August 23, 2020

The Kings of East Coast has always been a well run event led by Vinny Montalbano. This year was no different as he spent the night before making copies of rosters after some very last minute changes. He is dedicated to giving players at his event exposure and many should follow his lead. The Boston…

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Ivy Shootout: Princeton, NJ. Top 85

Posted on August 13, 2020

Neutral Zone sent a scout to evaluate the Ivy League Shootout/First Contact Camp in the Princeton, NJ area. College coaches, parents and other evaluators were not allowed in the rink. We watched two days of hockey most of which was played four on four because of NJ COVID restrictions. The Ice Land rink is the…

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Blue Line Elite Prep Cup Top 120 2004s, 2005s and 2006s

Posted on August 5, 2020

In what has become an unprecedented time in youth hockey: players are now starting to get back to summer hockey after a four-month layoff. In the New England area, all tournament roads lead to New Hampshire as the Granite State is the first to allow tournaments to be played. Neutral Zone has had eyes on…

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USHL Player Development Camp, Green Bay, WI: Top 115

Posted on August 2, 2020

USHL Player Development Camp, Green Bay, WI Neutral Zone sent a scout to the Green Bay area to scout the 2005 group at the USHL combine. Director of USHL Development, Luke Curadi did a superb job of not only finding quality players but also running a weekend that made players better. The Green Bay staff…

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2005 EHG All Star Weekend: All 45 Skaters Graded

Posted on July 21, 2020

Neutral Zone had at least two and often four scouts in attendance at the Exposure Hockey Group’s All-Star Weekend. Our main focus was the 2005 and 2006 age groups. Matt Miles and the EEHG did a superb job of putting the event on. The talent was excellent with some potential NTDP players and certain DI…

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NCDC Futures Draft

Posted on June 17, 2020

NCDC Futures Draft The NCDC held its annual draft on June 10, 2020. The league has a regular draft of older players and then a Futures Draft of mostly 2004 players with a few 2005s. We do not know the rules and the draft itself is done behind closed doors. The results are delayed for…

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Get to Know Camron VanSickle

Posted on May 5, 2020

Brian Murphy; VP and Director of US Scouting on Camron VanSickle: There very few players who seem to become more relaxed and more focused near the net. You almost see a smile one their faces. Rutger McGroarty would be one. Camron CanSickle is another. He is cool, cold blooded, poised; a goalie assassin. I don’t…

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