CCHA Recruit Class Rankings

Over the course of the next few weeks, in the lead up to the 2022-23 NCAA season, Neutral Zone will unveil our class rankings. We’ll start by ranking every class by league, and then cap it off just before the season begins with our national top-10.

There are a few things to remember when it comes to our class rankings. First, the size of the class does play a role. Our algorithm attempts to project the impact the recruiting class will have on the program.

As we explain on the rankings page of our site: “The points algorithm is designed to weight players according to their age, the league they come from, and their star rating. We have analyzed freshman production in regards to age and in regards to the league they come from, and have found patterns in the data. We have weighted those patterns into our data and applied it to the team rankings. The algorithm also puts a higher degree of importance on higher star players so two teams with the same number of commits and same number of total stars could have different point totals because two 4.5 stars is different than one 5 star and one 4 star.”

Neutral Zone’s Preseason CCHA All-Rookie Team

F – Kyle Kukkonen, Michigan Tech
F – Jaden Grant, Bowling Green
F – Christian Fitzgerald, Minnesota State

D – Mitchell Wolfe, Bemidji State
D – Dalton Norris, Bowling Green

G – Alex Tracy, Minnesota State

Top 2001-born Recruits

12. (F) Luc Wilson, Minnesota State ★★★¾
15. (D) Dalton Norris, Bowling Green ★★★¾
18. (F) Jake Braccini, St. Thomas ★★★¾
21. (F) Simon Tassy, Minnesota State ★★★¾
25. (F) Kirklan Irey, Bemidji State ★★★¾
30. (F) Lucas Wahlin, St. Thomas ★★★¾
31. (D) Isack Bandu, Northern Michigan ★★★¾
32. (F) Joe Larson, Northern Michigan ★★★¾
43. (F) Adam Eisele, Minnesota State ★★★¾
46. (F) Adam Flammang, Bemidj State ★★★¾
48. (F) Luc Laylin, St. Thomas ★★★¾
57. (D) Evan Orr, Michigan Tech ★★★¾
63. (D) Mason Wheeler, Minnesota State ★★★¾
116. (G) Alex Tracy, Minnesota State ★★★¾

Top 2002-born Recruits (Related: 2002 National Rankings)

10. (D) Mitchell Wolfe, Bemidji State ★★★★
11. (F) Christian Fitzgerald, Minnesota State ★★★★
27. (F) Jaden Grant, Bowling Green ★★★★
40. (F) Kyle Kukkonen, Michigan Tech ★★★★
46. (F) Zach Michaelis, Northern Michigan ★★★¾
48. (F) Connor Eddy, Northern Michigan ★★★¾
49. (F) Lleyton Roed, Bemidji State ★★★¾
85. (F) Tanner Latsch, Northern Michigan ★★★¾