Neutral Zone forms Partnership with InStat

Rutland, VT – Neutral Zone, LLC, the leading independent hockey scouting and rankings platform in North America, has come to an official partnership agreement with InStat Hockey for 2021-2022.

InStat is used by league and federation offices, coaches, scouts and management as a data and communication tool assisting in coaching processes, player development, statistical analysis and video scouting. At the team level, coaches and players can receive detailed game-by-game analytical reports, player shifts, and emailed web links all corresponding to data-specific video.

“We started using InStat this winter and it was a game changer in our NHL Draft preparation,” said longtime NHLer Ian Moran, Director of NHL Scouting for Neutral Zone. “One of the main struggles with being a scouting director is that our local scouts see these players ten times and then I come in and see them once or twice so if they play poorly that weekend I have to rank them lower which frustrates the local scouts and leads to inaccuracies. With InStat I can look up the players games prior to the weekend, I can review what I saw and follow them much easier afterwards to have more accurate rankings and be on the same page with our staff.”

With InStat, coaches will receive team statistics and individual player data for each game, including time on ice, shots, scoring chances, faceoffs, hits, saves, and more advanced stats such as CORSI and xG. The league and its teams will also have the ability to use the video of teams and players from various professional, collegiate, junior and youth programs worldwide, for the purpose of scouting and player development.

“We track over 5,000 players a year from minor hockey to Midgets to Prep/HS to Junior as well as International, CHL and NCAA,” said NZ President/Founder Steve Wilk. “InStat gives us the ability to monitor players progress and performance in a much easier and organized fashion and allows for a more accurate ranking system where it’s not solely based on what we saw live but complimented and supported with video.”

InStat Sport, founded in 2007, is a leading provider of performance analysis services in football/soccer, basketball and ice hockey. Ice hockey clients of InStat range from the top North American and European professional, collegiate, junior and youth hockey leagues and teams in both men’s and women’s hockey. For more information regarding the InStat platform and range of services, visit

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