Lowell Lands RPI Goalie Owen Savory in Portal

RPI goalie Owen Savory has chosen to transfer to UMass Lowell. The junior entered the transfer portal last week and Monday’s decision by RPI to cancel the 2020-21 season prompted his ultimate decision to transfer.

Savory was in a holding pattern since entering the portal, hoping that RPI would move forward with the hockey season. Monday’s decision forced his hand. RPI players have not been able to use the facilities since returning to the campus, and in some cases have been paying their own money to practice off-campus as well as using a gym that was off-campus in order to train.

Savory is looking for a waiver that would allow him to play for Lowell in the second semester, which would make him eligible in mid-December (once RPI’s semester is over and Lowell’s semester is over). Even without that, however, he would still be able to practice and work out with the team, something he hasn’t been able to do at RPI.

Savory posted a .932 save percentage and a 2.06 GAA last season in 24 games.

Prior to the move, Lowell’s presumptive No. 1 goaltender was Logan Neaton. Lowell has two other goalies on the roster that have never played an NCAA game. Neaton, who played just three games last season as a freshman behind standout Tyler Wall, is a fifth-round NHL draft pick of Winnipeg.

Mark Divver also reported on Wednesday that star Union forward Jack Adams would be entering the transfer portal. Adams, a Detroit Red Wings draft choice, missed all of last season due to surgery but had 10 goals and 12 assists in 38 games as a sophomore.