Introducing Neutral Zone’s Quinn Robelle Internship Program Students for the 2020-2021 Season!

Introducing Neutral Zone’s Quinn Robelle Internship Program Students for the 2020-2021 Season! 

James Christy, Theo Lander, Brian Carney and Alex Sorichetti named newest NZ interns! 

The Neutral Zone team is proud to announce the addition of four new interns, James Christy, Theo Lander, Brian Carney and Alex Sorichetti for the 2020-21 season! Each intern has unique backgrounds within the hockey community, in terms of playing experience, overall knowledge of the game, as well as working experience! 

James Christy is the first intern that NZ brought onboard for 2020-21. Currently a senior from Walpole, MA attending Merrimack College, James is looking to pursue a scouting career in his future! He got his start by recapping MIAA games last season and hammering out some critical data analysis to help grow the business side of NZ. He’s been a fan of the game since middle school, and his love for the game has only grown through high school and college. 

“Since being lately introduced to the game of hockey in 2010, I have been absolutely in love with it. I believe having strictly experienced hockey as a spectator provides me with different insights and perspectives, plus I can contribute to the site in numerous ways. I am excited to be working with Neutral Zone because I believe they will provide me with great opportunities to pursue this passion of mine.”

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Our next intern is Theodore Lander, a native of Weymouth, MA and a junior at Merrimack College, he has played hockey since a young age and has always been involved in the game. 

When asked about why he’s excited to join NZ, Lander said:
“I’m excited to work for Neutral Zone because they provide a unique opportunity to work hands-on in the sports industry. They are a rare breed of true professionals that like to have fun while accomplishing their goals. Telling people that I am associated with Neutral Zone is something I am very proud of and I am very grateful for this opportunity.”

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Brian Carney comes to Neutral Zone by way of Staten Island, NY: he is currently a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management at the University of New Haven in Connecticut. He played his youth hockey in Union, New Jersey, playing center. He then turned his love of the game into contributing more from an off-ice perspective. He most recently spent his junior year as an intern with Yale University hockey as their Strategic Communications Intern running the Twitter and Instagram accounts for both their men’s and women’s teams. 

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“I’m excited to come to Neutral Zone to see how I can grow my knowledge of the game in a way that’ll help me grow for my future career! My goal is to one day work in an NHL scouting department, and I believe Neutral Zone will help me get the knowledge I need to accomplish my goals!”

Our final intern is Alex Sorichetti from Whitby, Ontario, our first intern from Canada! Currently enrolled in his first year at Ryerson University in Toronto, he is pursuing his degree in Sports Media. Being from a province where hockey is second to none, Alex has always had an immense love for the game and is looking to take advantage of all NZ has to offer for him:

“I’ve always enjoyed watching the game and wanted to work in hockey ever since I was young. I believe working with Neutral Zone will help me add experience to my resume of working in hockey and help me to achieve my goals of one day working in the industry.”

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Please join us in welcoming these four hard-working students as they begin their tenure with the NZ family!