NCAA Council Sends New Transfer Proposal to Final Vote

On Wednesday, the NCAA Division I council officially moved forward a proposal to extend the Division I transfer exception to all student-athletes.

Currently, football, basketball, baseball and hockey players must sit out a year after they transfer as an undergraduate. Athletes in other sports have already had access to a one-time exception.

Both proposals will go to membership for comment and feedback and barring something unforeseen, the council is slated to vote on the new transfer proposal at the 2021 NCAA Convention in January.

“This proposal creates a uniform, equitable approach for all student-athletes, no matter the sport they play,” said Jon Steinbrecher, commissioner of the Mid-American Conference and vice-chair of the Council. “We believe the proposal fulfills the promise of the transfer resolution adopted by the Council in the spring, and trust the membership will strongly consider bringing consistency and predictability to Division I transfer regulations while treating student-athletes across all sports alike and in a sensible fashion.”