Inside Look at Northern Cyclones Academy

The following story was originally published by the Northern Cyclones …

Cyclones Academy provides student-athletes with a unique opportunity at our Academy facility in Hudson, New Hampshire. Just a minute drive from our two-rink facility, Cyclones Arena, Cyclones Academy can provide things that other programs simply cannot.

Our facilities are top-notch. Cyclones Arena, home to our Academy, youth and junior teams, is home to two NHL sized rinks. Cyclones players also get the experience of team-specific locker rooms while at the rink.

Down the road at our Academy site, our players have quite the setup. Unlike other programs, our gym at Cyclones Academy is OURS. Whenever a player needs to work out, that option is available to them. We offer team workouts with our Strength and Conditioning coaches. Players are also able to get one-on-one assistance with workouts if they feel the need.

Cyclones Academy also hosts our recently renovated classroom area. The Academy features two classrooms that have a ‘lounge’ feel to them. That intimate and cozy atmosphere was designed to create a calm, supportive learning atmosphere for our students.

“These arrangements look fun and create a safe, relaxed learning space. Student stress levels go down, and they can do their best work. Our goal is to enable our student-athletes to improve, be accountable, and thrive,” Janet Sisson, Cyclones Academy Academic Director, said. “We are working together as a Cyclones Team to develop hard working, kind, and generous young people who understand the value of teamwork, on and off the ice.”

The academic aspect of Cyclones Academy has been extremely successful since its inception. According to studies, NCAA schools look for a minimum GPA of 2.3 – 2.5 in core courses when recruiting athletes. Overall for the 2019/2020 academic year, Cyclones Academy students ranged averages from 84 to 92. That translates to a 3.0 – 3.7 GPA that blows the NCAA minimum out of the water.

A common question that parents have is, quite frankly, is an online school real school? Well, many of our students were in advanced classes including Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Honors math, History and English. Accredited Online High Schools offer a full range of courses, some have even greater course offerings than traditional schools.

We encourage Apex Learning, if possible, for our students. Apex Learning possesses a built-in tutor program, hands-on teachers, excellent communication with parents, and competitive tuition costs. This private school is available in all states and is NCAA accredited. For questions regarding the NCAA’s academic standards, please view this page.

A full list of the wide-variety of courses available via Apex Learning can be viewed here.

Although we do recommend Apex Learning, please know that it is NOT a requirement. It is your choice as a family where you can enroll your child.

Our Academy site also has two staff members on-hand to help students with their school work. Janet Sisson, the Academy Academic Director, and learning coach Stephanie Doherty both are qualified and trained to help our students succeed off the ice as students and young men.

Hear from co-Owner Bill Flanagan on the online schooling process and what we offer compared to other programs