Interview: DiScanio Commits to UMass Boston

Vermont Lumberjacks forward Logan DiScanio committed to UMass Boston. DiScanio, a New York native, is in his third season playing for the Lumberjacks in the EHL after his four-year career at La Salle High School in New York.

“Vermont captain keeps it simple and it all three zones. Competes and creates space for linemates,” said Neutral Zone scouts.

The ’99-born forward was on the top line when Neutral Zone scouts saw him at the EHL November Showcase last month.

“Scored goal going hard to the net in quick transition after blocking shot,” our scouts said, giving DiScanio an A- grade in the report.

NZ: What first got you into hockey as a kid?

DiScanio: “My father was a great hockey player and wanted me to play, and love the game. It didn’t take him that long to convince me because I fell in love with the game right away.

NZ: According to EP you’re from Troy. Obviously there’s a lot of college hockey up that way. Did you go to Union or RPI games growing up?

DiScanio: “I grew up a diehard RPI fan and my father and I would be at almost every single home game and we would sit in the same seats.”

NZ: What would you describe as your strengths in your game?

DiScanio: “I would have to say my hockey IQ is one of my biggest strengths. I’ve been blessed to be coached by so many great coaches in my career. I have always seemed to do well in pressure situations and make big plays when the team needs them the most.”

NZ: What are some things you’re looking to work on this season?

DiScanio: “One thing that I would love to do is just to keep getting faster. I believe you always can get faster and with how the game is being played now, you just need to be getter better and better each day.”

NZ: You’re an EHL veteran – 108 games and counting – where has your game grown the most playing in the league.

DiScanio: “I would have to say my strength and confidence each year just got better and better, which has allowed me to advance each year.”

NZ: This is your third season with Vermont, too, what can you say about that program and how it’s helped you develop?

DiScanio: “The Vermont Lumberjacks is a perfect place to play junior hockey from top to bottom. Both Coach Mosso, and Coach Jack have built a great culture here. Everything is extremely intense and detail-oriented, but it’s also really fun at the same time.”

NZ: You were a four-year high school player at La Salle in New York. Was there ever any pressure to leave? It seems like a lot of kids are pressured to leave high school hockey early but you didn’t go that route. What was the experience like staying in school and playing with your classmates?

DiScanio: “Playing for my high school was one of the most special things I’ve done in my hockey career. There was nothing like getting ready to play your rival school on a Friday night with all your family, friends, teachers, and the community coming to watch you play.

“I had offers to go play Tier 1 AAA 18U my junior and senior season but I got attached to the group we had at La Salle and that was something I couldn’t leave.”

NZ: What made UMass Boston the place you wanted to play your college hockey?

DiScanio: “Getting the opportunity to play for UMass Boston is a dream come true. Once I started talking to Coach Belisle, and Coach Pauly I really liked what they had to say about my game, and how it could fit into their systems. Then I went on a tour of the campus saw the rink and the locker room I knew right away this is where I wanted to spend my next four years.”

Photo Credit: Dan Hickling/Hickling Images