Brittany Hart Named New Director of Social Media and Communications

The Neutral Zone Family is pleased to announce the hiring of Brittany Hart as the Director of Social Media and Communications. Ms. Hart holds a Strategic Communications Degree from Bridgewater St.

Brittany comes to Neutral Zone with two years of experience in Tier 3 Junior Hockey with the EHL (Eastern Hockey League). In her two years with the EHL, Brittany assisted in game day operations conducting post-game interviews, analyzing player statistics and assisted with social media campaigns.

“Working for the EHL made the vision for my future clear, I want to be involved in hockey.” exclaimed Brittany.

Brittany’s love for hockey blossomed from her frequent visits to the rink growing up.

“Although I never played hockey, I was always at the rink supporting my younger cousin. Over the years going to games became less of a social event and more something I enjoyed and became passionate about.”

Her passion is something that translates into her work and her knowledge of the game is an aspect that will be useful as a member of the NZ staff. He is able to take reports, decipher and understand the information and put it in a concise and informative tweet or Instagram.

“Her skill level stood out from day one as someone who is both intelligent and creative; but it was her work ethic, her ability to grind and breakdown complex scenarios and problem solve that led us to hiring her.” explained Director of Scouting, Brendan Collins.

VP and Director of US Scouting Brian Murphy echoed Collins’ statement.

“She worked with us at the final weekend of prep hockey. She watched all three games, chatted with me and our other scouts about each contest. I could tell she loved it. She was able to deal with writing and posting recaps right there, interviewing coaches immediately after each contest and even held her ground in the chaotic press box. She was passionate, hard working and never intimidated. She knows the game and she also understands how to get things done. I was very impressed”

See some of Brittany’s work from that day:

Brittany commented on that day:

“That was my first real introduction to some of the NZ scouts. They don’t mess around. They know the game. The things they notice and know surpass anything I have seen. It was awesome to watch championship games with hockey guys like that.”

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