Carter Batchelder Commits to Colorado College

Colorado College has secured Carter Batchelder for the 2022-2023 season. NZ scouts described Carter, “as a gritty, high energy prospect who never stops hunting pucks,” in our NDTP Camp Report. He has also been noted for his high end IQ and dangerous shot.

The forward was not always scoring goals:

“I started playing when I was 6 years old, I played goalie. I would always lie flat on the ice with my stick extended because I knew no one at that age could raise the puck.”

Elaborating on his Minnesota youth hockey experience:

“I played for my hometown in the winter and the Minnesota Blades AAA team in the spring/fall. I was also lucky enough to play for Team Minnesota at the Brick Tournament. The main difference is in the winter I play with all the buddies I go to school with. What I loved most about playing with my classmates is our home games are always packed full of guys and girls I see everyday at school. I also had the opportunity to play in front of 18,000 people in our High School State Tournament. It is a memory I will never forget. Then in the spring I play AAA hockey with many of the top 2003 kids from around the state. I like the balance of having fun and competing with my classmates then when AAA starts, I get to practice with the best 2003 kids in the state and play games against the best 2003 kids in the world.”

Taking us through his NCAA recruitment process:

“I started getting interest from colleges after the Minnesota Blades won the U14 USHL Fall Classic. Then at WSI Philadelphia more schools expressed an interest. By the time I made a verbal agreement with CC, many Division 1 schools in Minnesota were interested along with some other Big 10 schools, and a few other NCHC schools.” And on his decision to commit to Colorado, My dad and I went on a father/son trip out there this past fall, as he has family that lives close to Colorado Springs. I fell in love with the area, the size of the campus, and the future rink they are building. We looked at a few other schools that were interested in me but I really liked the class block academic program that CC offers, where you basically take a class for 3 ½ weeks versus a typical college were you take 3-4 classes every day for a quarter. To me, the thought of only having one subject to focus on at any given time seemed like a great solution for a student-athlete.”

As a younger player, we asked Carter what advantages he saw with an early commitment:

“In some ways it takes the pressure off me and allows me to focus on hockey. I know that it’s just a verbal commitment and things could change, but for me the time just felt right. I took 6 months to really make sure I was doing the right thing and I talked to several people I respect.”

Originally from Minnesota, we asked what drew him to the Colorado:

“Minnesota and Colorado are very similar, but what drew me to Colorado is the ability to move away from home and focus on being a great hockey player. What is also nice is most of my away games will be in Minnesota so it will be very easy for my friends and family to come watch me play in those games.”

Carter still has multiple seasons before playing NCAA hockey:  

“I want to surround myself with older players who are in college now or in the NHL. I want to learn their habits, their workout routines. I plan to ask them lots of questions. I will probably go the route most Minnesota kids go through. Play High School, then USHL, and finally college.”

Last summer he attended the USA Hockey Select 15 Development Camp:

“It was amazing. It made me realize just how good hockey is outside the state of Minnesota.” And his biggest take away from the camp, “If I stop working everyone will pass me up. Typically there are 4-5 studs on a team in Minnesota but at this select camp, every kid was a stud.”

Carter played in 31 games for Eden Prairie High School in Minnesota. Racking up 18 points off of 10 goals and 8 assists, he averaged over a point a game in postseason play.


Photo credit: Hickling Images