Tate Singleton Commits to The Ohio State University

Tate Singleton has committed to The Ohio State University and is set to hit the ice next season. We have noted Tate for his speed and skating ability, as well as, his discipline and character to do the little things that make a difference. Tate will sacrifice his body to make a play and has unrelenting good habits that make him stand out.

Tate played most of his youth hockey in his home state of New Hampshire. As he entered high school he made the transition to prep school, playing 3 season with Proctor Academy. He takes us through his experience:

“My prep hockey experience was awesome, we always had a strong team and a great group of guys. Coach Walsh was always very helpful with my development as a student and as a hockey player. Winning a Lakes Region Championship my senior year was an awesome experience, something I will never forget. I learned how to play at a faster pace and how to make plays under pressure. Also, I learned how to live away from home and how to work with others.”

After Proctor, he started his junior career in the NAHL with the New Jersey Junior Titans. Later Tate would be drafted to the USHL, he takes us through the transition:

“The NAHL was a great junior experience and one I’ll never forget. It taught me how to play my best every night. The players and coaches, were first class, always focused [on] the development of the players. The transition from the NAHL to USHL was challenging at first, but after Pittsburg I felt confident with my play. Each league in their own way are hard, you just need to focus on your game and be an every shift player.”

Tate was drafted in the first round of the USHL Draft to the Central Illinois Flying Aces. He takes us through his draft day:

“Actually, this is a very funny answer. I had only spoken to a couple teams prior to the draft and didn’t know if my name was going to be called. My grandfather called me the day before and asked if I could help him around the house. I was driving around on a tractor and my phone rang, it was Central Illinois telling me they selected me in the first round. I was extremely excited and very grateful. My grandfather took me out to dinner that night to celebrate.”

Originally Tate was committed to Army West Point, he takes us through his unique recruiting process:

“The process was definitely challenging and fun at the same time. A lot of nerves, trying to figure out my path. After I de-committed from West Point, I wanted to wait for the perfect school and the right coaching staff. I was talking to UNH, Colorado College, Umass Lowell, Penn State, and a couple others. I visited UNH and Colorado College.”

Elaborating on his previous commitment to Army:

“I cannot thank the coaches at West Point enough. They’re a great coaching staff and first class organization. For me, the application process at West Point was one of the most impressive things I’ve completed as a young man. Thoughts started to creep into my head about taking another path in life. The military is a commitment that I needed to be 100% on board with. After going through this process I have earned such respect for the men and women who do pursue that type of career. I just felt like it wasn’t going to be for me.”

He continues, telling us why Ohio State was the right fit for him:

“When I stepped foot on the campus, I knew it was the school for me. The hockey team is always very strong and makes a strong run each year. The academics are very good and Ohio State offers some great majors. I think the coaches are winners, and have a winning mentality. I believe that the coaches are going to make me a better student-athlete.”

He tells us how he is preparing for his NCAA debut next season:

“I have an unreal trainer, Wayne Burwell, who works us hard in the summer. I work out and skate with Ben Lovejoy who pushes me to be better each time I’m in the gym or on the ice. It’s great to see how hard he works each day, and how to be a pro on and off the ice. I plan on attending summer work outs at Ohio State and plan to focus on getting stronger and season ready.”

Thinking about life after hockey:

“At the moment, I‘ve only focused on being the best hockey player I can be. I think I’m going to be a Business Major and plan on getting into the Fisher School of Business at Ohio State.”

Currently, Tate has 32 points in 45 games with the Flying Aces, with 20 goals and 12 assists.


Photo credit: Hickling Images