Vincent Nardone Commits to University of Nebraska Omaha

Vincent Nardone has committed to the University of Nebraska Omaha and is set to hit the ice for the 2020-2021 season. Vincent is an excellent skater and can be used in multiple situations on the ice.

The Quebec native comes from a family filled with hockey fans:

“I was about 3 years old and I was watching the NHL games with my dad on tv and I decided I wanted to be one of them, it was a dream for me to be a professional hockey player. I asked my parents to register me in a hockey program and at the earliest age possible, which was 4 years old.”

Vincent’s NCAA recruitment process started at the SJHL Showcase:

“Before committing with Omaha on November 16, I talked to approximately 15 different schools that were showing a lot of interests in me. I visited the University of Northern Michigan and the University of Nebraska Omaha and they were both amazing visits. The coaches from both schools were very nice and convincing. Both schools had positive points.”

He elaborates on his final decision to go to Nebraska Omaha:

“I chose Omaha because I was very impressed with their hockey program and with there Finance Faculty in which I wish to study. I like to practice and train outside the rink and I find that their arena and fitness facilities are very high tech. I feel that my [style of] play will fit in with the team’s objectives, and will enable me to develop even more.  When I first arrived in Omaha it felt like home. The visit was well organized and enabled me to see all the hockey facilities and the school. After a whole day visiting with the coaches, they made me feel so comfortable it was like if I was already part of the team! Even the players were so welcoming that they treated me like if I was on the team. I’m also someone who really enjoys being at the rink, taping my sticks, adjusting my gear, and training myself, so when I first saw the set up of the Mavericks it was like an NHL set up, and I was really amazed by it.”

This is Vincent’s first season playing in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, moving halfway across the country to play:

“It wasn’t that hard of a decision to make because unlike other kids from Quebec whose dream is to play in the QMJHL, I always knew that I wanted to play in the NCAA. Growing up, I was always the smallest player that everyone underestimate me because of my size. I grew and developed later and I’m still developing now. I needed a program that would allow me to play longer and allow me to develop in a competitive league. The NCAA was the perfect fit for me. Studies are very important for my future and this program enables me to play and acquire excellent academics. Moving to Flin Flon was the begin of my dream. I was lucky to be able to join an excellent team with a great coach staff. Through this year, which is a [transition] for me I was very lucky to have a great billet family, that has made me feel like home.”

He tells us more about his transition to the SJHL:

“There is an enormous difference between Midget AAA, that I played last year, and the SJHL. The Midget AAA league from Quebec is an Elite League composed of players between the age of 15 to 17. It is not a league that has physical play. It’s more of a speed and skill league. In the SJHL the players are bigger, stronger, and older, therefore their play is more physical and quicker.  Players have much more experience therefore even though I was quick I still had to learn to be even quicker by using more my skating skills for speed to make good plays. I am still learning a lot every day and I thank my coaches and teammates for guiding and teaching me in this learning process.”

Vincent still has a full season before heading to Nebraska, he tells us how he plans to prepare for NCAA hockey:

“I am happy that I still get to play another year in the Junior League before going to Nebraska. I am a young player, I started the year at 17, therefore, staying will permit me to develop myself even more and give me more confidence. This year, the Flin Flon’s have a good team with a lot of 20 years old, which permits me to learn a lot from them and I’m still learning on what my role is and how to become a good leader for the team. Next year my objective is to play more and be able to participate as a positive leader even though I will still be a young player. All of this hard work will enable me to prepare in becoming a positive leader for my first year in the NCAA.”

Vincent has expressed his interest in studying finance, we asked him what he plans to use it for:

“My dad owns a company and since I was young I’ve looked up to him and his job. It has always looked interesting and challenging. If I’m not able to play as a professional hockey player I would like to manage his business. Omaha is definitely a fit for me for my hockey dream and my business dream.”

Vincent has an impressive 38 points spanning over 51 games with the Flin Flon Bombers. He has 17 goals and 20 assists.


Photo credit: Hickling Images