Lane Hutson Commits to Boston University

Lane Hutson has committed to Boston University and set to be rostered for the 2023-2024 season. Lane has been given A+ grade at the HPHL U14 Showcase in November and was noticed for his intimidating speed and edge work. In an upcoming report from Port Huron Silver Stick Tournament, Lane also received high marks and was noted as one of the best players at the tournament, where his team finished in first place. Here is what our scout said from that event: 

He is small but dynamic and exciting. Edge of your seat type. His feet are excellent; quick, fast, mobile and has a stride that will allow for more speed as he matures. Went back for pucks easily and can carry or pass it from his end. Used the middle and supported his partner well. He is quick to defend and will dispossess opponents before they even know he is on them. Got off the wall with the puck, facilitated clean zone entries. Played in every situation, sees the whole ice, is extremely athletic and was one of the very best players here. College: BU Grade: A”-Port Huron Silver Stick

Currently playing for Honeybaked, Lane reflects on where his career began:

“I started skating at 3 [years old] and spent time on the ice with my Dad, who was coaching multiple older teams. We lived in Barrington, IL at the time.”

Growing up in a house of 3 brothers, Lane always played up a level and was actually on a pewee major roster as a squirt.

Taking us through his NCAA recruitment process:

“I definitely wanted to make sure that I was picking the right school and just not jumping to make a commit. However, I knew Boston University was where I wanted to go. I visited a few other [schools], with Ohio State and Penn State being other considered schools; but I picked BU because of the outstanding academics, tradition, and the long history of developing excellent hockey players and moving them to the next level.”

Lane is a 2004, and will not officially suit up as a Terrier for another 4 seasons. Being a younger committed player we asked what advantages he saw to making his decision sooner:

“Not focusing which school to pick and now just  being able to focus on playing. I plan to continue to play in the best possible environment that will continue to challenge and develop me as a player.”

Lane recently attended the STX 68 Combine:

“It was super fun to be with future and old teammates. I realized how good some of the other players are and what it takes to be a top player.”

So far, Lane has played in 19 games and accumulated 23 points with 5 goals and 18 assists.