Neutral Zone Hiring for 2018-2019

Neutral Zone is a first-of-its-kind amateur hockey scouting, rankings and news website. Our 40 scouts rank and profile NCAA/CHL/CIS prospects from ages 14-20. Our clients include teams within the NHL, CHL, NCAA, USHL, NAHL, NCDC, and a host of other junior, prep and midget coaches, scouts and agents as well as parents, players and fans. The innovative site leverages top quality, unbiased scouts to evaluate players and track their progress over the course of their amateur careers. Our scouts come from a diverse hockey background including playing, coaching and/or scouting in professional hockey, NCAA, CHL and CIS.

Hockey Operations (Full-Time):


  • Social Media (Instagram/Twitter)
  • Writing Articles
  • Hosting Podcasts
  • Office Admin
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Editing Scouting Reports
  • Data Entry
  • Scouting (optional)
  • Managing Scouts and Intern Team


Regional Scouting Positions Available (Part-Time):

  • New England
  • Central US
  • Midwest US
  • Upstate/Western New York
  • Atlantic US
  • Northern Ontario
  • Western Canada
  • Eastern Canada (PEI, Newfoundland, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia)


Video Scouts – This is the only entry level scouting job we currently offer. Here former players or coaches who are breaking into scouting can fill out pre-scout reports for our regional scouts. These scouts would watch film to help support the regional scout. For example, a scout attends a game and likes the player but didn’t see him shoot. He may email the video scout and say pull up his last 10 games and track his shooting. Can he shoot under pressure, does he get pucks to the net, does he shoot to score, does he have power, does he get it off quick, etc.

Goalie Scouts – Goalie specific scouting opportunity to watch either a league or an age group and evaluate, rank and profile all the goalies in your league/area. Some of this job can be supplemented with video so location isn’t as big a factor as regional scouting positions.

Please send your resumes and the job you would be applying for to: