QMAAA: Amos Forestiers vs. St-Eustache Vikings

Sunday January 28 2018 @1:45 – St-Eustache.


Amos scored first, but St-Eustache answered with two minutes left in the period. With both teams tied at 2 heading into the final 10 minutes, Amos would get a late powerplay goal with 53 seconds left. That would prove to be the winner. Amos goalie, Tommy Monnette, was named first star with 54 saves.


William Provost #9 (LW, L, Amos, 5’08”, 178lbs, 2002) – A great display from him tonight. Provost was on a mission and wouldn’t be stopped. Scoring and adding an assist, he is a big reason why his team won tonight. He’s got tremendous speed and his feet are always moving. He scored his goal on a breakaway after he broke free from the two Vikings defenders. He has a great shot, quick, and accurate. His hockey sense and vision on the ice allow him to be placed in situations to score and find open teammates. Grade: A


Noah Gaudette #21 (LW, L, Vikings, 5’11”, 155lbs, Late 2002) – Playing in a back to back game, Noah looked strong again. He continues to improve his skating with each game. His strides are becoming quicker and more powerful. Missing his first month of AAA due to injury, Gaudette’s stock has been on the rise since before Christmas. He will need another year of AAA before he’s ready to make the jump to the QMJHL, but should be a key piece for the Vikings next season. Grade: B


Olivier Gervais-Daigneault #16 (RW, R, Amos, 6’00”, 170lbs, 2002) B – Since the challenge, his stock has been rising. Scoring his 14th goal this season, Olivier combines his size and strength to overpower smaller players. He uses his size to drive the net and create scoring chances. He has a great shot, getting it off with decent speed, but it has a lot of weight behind it. I would like to see him throw his weight around a little more without the puck. Grade: B


Alexis Bélisle #17 (C, R, Vikings, 5’08”, 147lbs, 2002) – Alexis played to his strengths tonight. He’s a decent skater, with average feet, but each stride is long and powerful. He used his forecheck to not only knock defenders off the puck but also creating scoring chances. Unfortunately, he was unable to get on the score sheet, lacking the high-end skills to be able to find the back of the net. He is projected to be a 3-4 line player who kills penalties at the next level.  Grade: C+


Xavier Fortin #23 (LW, L, Vikings, 5’09”, 144lbs, 2002) – Fortin was demoted to the 4th line for the second straight game. He seems to have lost his confidence and really had a hard game. Normally he provides a lot of energy to his team; however, tonight he struggled to be his usual self. His feet are always moving, and able to be dynamic and change the tempo of the game. Tonight, he seemed uninterested and unable to bring that speed. His body language wasn’t impressive. Look for it to be a one off and see him bounce back next weekend. Grade: C


Matthias Weistche #17 (C, L, Amos, 5’10.5”, 201lbs, 2002) C – A big, power forward. Weistche has a heavy shot and likes to throw his weight around. His skating speed isn’t great but he does have a strong stride. His feet could get faster with more attention in the gym, with a focus on conditioning. He could be a sleeper in the draft though if he becomes leaner and improves his foot speed. Grade: C


Eliott Boulanger #22 (RD, L, Amos, 6’00”, 168lbs, 2002) – A big powerful defender, Eliott lacks the hockey sense and skating to excel at the AAA level. He gets caught flat footed and out of position. At times, he gets caught flat footed which leads to odd man rushes. He needs to become more creative in the defensive zone, instead of always relying on chipping the puck off the glass. Grade: C