National Letter of Intent: Early Signing Period Updates

Neutral Zone will be tracking the National Letter of Intent Early Signing Period starting November 8th and running until the 15th. While the term “commitment” is lightly thrown around in NCAA circles, the National Letter of Intent is an actual binding contract between a player and the school. Only scholarship schools have letters of intent to signify the scholarship offer the school is making and the player is accepting.  Below is a chart of players who have signed their letter of intent and the list will be continuously updated as players sign. We will be adding a signed NLI feature to our website down the road to make it easier for hockey professionals to know who is verbally committed and who is signed. We will publish an analytics report after the signing period concludes.

You can click on any of these players to see their individual player profile and subscribers can read their scouting reports, national rankings and other information associated with the players.


Player Current Team League Birth Year Signed Star Rating
Demetrios Koumontzis Edina HS MN HS 2000 Arizona State 4.25
Josh Maniscalco Dubuque USHL 1999 Arizona State 4
Jordan Sandhu Vernon BCHL 1999 Arizona State 4
Andy Carroll Green Bay USHL 1997 Minnesota State 4
Cole Koepke Sioux City USHL 1998 Minnesota Duluth 3.75
Sampo Ranta Sioux City USHL 2000 Wisconsin 4.5
Brady Ferner Sioux City USHL 1997 RPI 3.5
Parker Ford Sioux City USHL 2000 Providence 3.75
Carl Ehrnberg Sioux City USHL 1999 Providence 4
Luke Johnson Sioux City USHL 1999 Providence 3.75
Garrett Van Wyhe Fargo Force USHL 1997 Michigan 4
John Schuldt Fargo Force USHL 1997 Nebraska Omaha 4
Griffin Loughran Fargo Force USHL 1998 Northern Michigan 3.75
William Fallstrom Fargo Force USHL 1998 Quinnipiac 3.75
Nick Cardelli Fargo Force USHL 1997 Bemidji State 3.5
Jonathan McDonald Fargo Force USHL 1998 Umass Lowell 3.5
Tyler Madden CI Flying Aces USHL 1999 Northeastern 4
Nathan Smith Cedar Rapids USHL 1998 Minnesota State 4
Jackson Charlesworth Green Bay USHL 1997 Northern Michigan 3.75
Ryan Verrier Green Bay USHL 1998 New Hampshire 3.75
Joshua Dunne Green Bay USHL 1998 Clarkson 3.75
Matthew Jennings Green Bay USHL 1997 Ohio State 3.75
Mickey Burns NJ Hitmen USPHL 2000 Vermont 3.5
Andrew Sinard Aberdeen Wings NAHL 1997 Miami 3.75
Khristian Acosta Sioux Falls USHL 1998 Umass Amherst 4
Jeffrey Stewart Surrey BCHL 1998 Colgate 3.5
Alex Steeves Dubuque USHL 1999 Notre Dame 4
Peter Diliberatore Salisbury NE Prep 2000 Quinnipiac 4
Carson Dimoff Sioux Falls USHL 1999 St. Lawrence 3.75
Jackson Keane Penticton BCHL 1997 North Dakota 3.75
Marc Del Gaizo Muskegon USHL 1999 Umass Amherst 4
Joey Cipollone Tri City USHL 1999 Vermont 4
Tyce Thompson Dubuque USHL 1999 Providence 4.25
Jay O’Brien Thayer NE Prep 1999 Providence 4.5
Andrew Lucas Loomis Chaffee NE Prep 1999 Vermont 3.75
Matthew Brown Dubuque USHL 1999 Umass Lowell 4
Clayton Phillips Muskegon USHL 1999 Minnesota 4.75
Michael Kesselring New Hampton NE Prep 2000 Merrimack 3.75
Cole Guttman Dubuque USHL 1999 Denver 4.5