OJHL Showcase: Top 150 Players

Neutral Zone had five scouts in Buffalo, NY, at the OJHL Showcase. All 22 teams in the OJHL were present and played two games. The league this year is talented and deep with players ranging from NHL draft picks (Jack McBain) to NCAA D1/CHL prospects and NCAA D3 and U Sport prospects. There were a few surprises throughout the week as minor midget and major midget players made their junior hockey debuts and veteran junior players took the next step in their development. We have rated over 150 players below broken down by team. The grades are based on their performance at this particular tournament and not an overall indication of the players’ ability and upside.


Jake Bricknell #26 (R, C, 6’1”, 212lbs, 1997)- Bricknell won an RBC national Championship last year with Cobourg. He leads the Tigers this year with his grit and two-way play. The forward gets distracted with consistent chatter with the other team, which reflects his edgey play. Grade: B+

Matt Ferrari #44 (L, D, 6’1”, 185lbs, 1997) – Ferrari is a quiet and steady defenseman who rarely makes mistakes. While he will not wow you with his flash, he uses his 6-foot-1 frame to be the solid defenseman that every coach wants. Grade: B

Chris Giroday #39 (L, D, 5’11”, 175lbs, 2000)- Giroday was one of the highest-skilled defensmen in Buffalo at the OJHL showcase. Β He has an accurate shot from the point that always gets through. The defenseman flows from edge to edge with balance and agility when he skates. He is a strong defender who beats his opponent to pucks. Grade: A Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 

Jason Stachelbeck Β #88 (R, F, 6’3”, 187lbs, 1999)- Stachelbeck was a top-end power forward in Buffalo. Β He generates chances off the forecheck, finishes checks and strips pucks. He can finish if given the opportunity. Grade: A- Β Β 

Anthony Romano #93 (R, F, 5’10”, 170lbs, 2000)- Romano is a skilled winger who plays with Bricknell. He showcases speed, can fly and pushes away the other team’s defense. He creates offense off the rush and causes turnovers with his agility and hockey IQ. Grade: B

James Thomson #33 (R, D, 6’4”, 197lbs, 1997)- Thompson is a big defenseman. He is a force to be reckoned with on the ice, using his 6-foot-4 frame to punish opposing defensemen. Grade: B

Greg Smith #9 (RC. W, 6’1”, 180lbs, 1998)- Smith has high-end speed and is more than responsible defensively. He makes opposing defense nervous with his ability to fly, but he struggles to finish what he creates. Grade: B

Bryce Martin #4 (R, D, 5’10”, 175lbs, 1997) – Martin is an average defender. While at 5-foot-10 and 175 pounds he seems to lack some strength, he uses his smaller frame to skate well. He is agile and can move the puck.Β Grade: B –

Steve MacLean #65 (L, D, 6’6”, 190lbs, 1998)- While MacLean earned a C+ grade, he may be on his way to earning a B. The defenseman is large at Β 6-foot-6, but he moves well for his size. He’s also a steady defenseman and focuses on simple plays. He has an interesting upside and would fit the late bloomer profile. Grade: C+


Buffalo Jr. Sabres

Christian Difelice #9 (R, F, 5’8”, 165lbs, 1997)- Christian is a highly-skilled forward with the ability to burn opponents with his speed and explosiveness. Don’t let his 5-8 frame fool you, as Christian plays bigger than he is. His vision and playmaking ability make him a strong quarterback on the powerplay. Christian has all the tools any coach looks for. Grade: A

Nathan Berke #71 (L, F, 6’2”, 161lbs, 1999) – It’s hard to miss a player who is as big as Nathan. But it’s impressive that, despite his 6-foot-2 frame, he can skate well. He has a great stride with plenty of power. Β He possesses a decent skill set but also has a great work ethic. As he fills out, he will continue to progress and and become a very appealing prospect. Grade: B

Matthew Jakubowski #18 (L, F, 6’0”, 170lbs, 1998)- Matthew is a strong skater with an uncanny ability to create something out of nothing in order to get the offense going. Β He has a shoot-first mentally but sometimes his desire to make that extra move or hold the puck a little longer gets him into trouble. Β Grade: B

Trevor Peca #19 (R, F, 6’1”, 163lbs, 2000) – Trevor is able to move north and south just as quickly as he can east and west. This, combined with his desire to finish hits and have a physical presence out there, makes him a player his opponents notice. Grade: B+

Michael Sciore #63 (L, F, 5’7”, 154lbs, 1998)- The first thing noticeable about Michael is his work ethic. Β He is all over the ice and his feet are always moving. He can catch goalies off-guard with his quick release, and he gets pucks on net to create chances. Grade: B

Ryan Sidorski #12 (R, D, 6’2”, 170lbs, 1999)- Ryan is the definition of a solid player. He is a big strong defenseman who uses his 6-foot-2, 170 pound body to his advantage and rarely gets knocked off the puck. He doesn’t find himself getting too involved with the offense, as limiting mistakes and playing strong defense are his bread and butter. College: Union Grade: B+


Burlington Cougars

Mitchell Morrison #19 (L, F, 5’11”, 179lbs, 2000) – Morrison was arguably the best forward and definitely the best 2000 at the tournament. Skilled and strong, he was offensively dangerous every shift. He is an unselfish playmaker who can score. Morrison was deadly on the power play and scored a highly-skilled goal and set up two others. He used his body brilliantly to protect the puck. Grade: A

Michael Boushy #94 (R, F, 5’9”, 161lbs, 1999) – Michael is a playmaking forward with plenty of skill. His movement away from the puck and ability to read the play that allows him to create offensive chances. He focuses on creating plays over shooting. Grade: B

Dennis Golovatchev #88 (L, F, 6’0”, 181lbs, 2001) – Dennis has that innate nose for the net that can be tough to teach. He is always in the right spot at the right time, supporting and distributing pucks. He competes hard to get pucks and doesn’t shy away from the physical piece of the game. He battled to the net to score a nice goal and set up another. Grade: B

Jaxon Camp #23 (R, D, 6’0”, 185lbs, 1999) – Jaxon is a smart and steady defenseman who does not make mistakes. He moves the puck quickly to his forwards and is always ready to support them in the offensive zone. Grade: B



Connor MacEachern Β #9 (R, F, 5’9”, 170lbs, 1999) – MacEachern is a tenacious player who has a quick first three steps. He was key player on the RBC National Championship team in Cobourg last year and should have an excellent year this season. He is invaluable on the penalty kill. During one of the games he came out of the gate flying and scored a nice shot in stride on the very first shit. He is a crafty player with nice speed. Unfortunately, he only seemed to shine for a few shifts and faded as the game went on. Grade: B

Mac Lowry #46 (L, F, 5’11”, 176, 1999)- Mac is a smooth-skating forward who sees the offensive game at the next level. He is getting stronger and does a better job protecting pucks. Along with MacEachern, Lowry became a key piece of last year’s championship team. He particularly kills penalties. Grade: A-

Carson Gallagher #18 (R, F, 6’, 175lbs, 1999)– Carson is shifty skater that has excellent speed. He has great hand-eye coordination that makes him an excellent puck handler. He forces many turnovers. This is his first year in the OJHL, and he has grown a lot in the last couple years. Gallagher has great offensive upside. Grade: C+

Brodie McDougall #7 (R, F, 6’4”, 181lbs, 2001) – McDougall did not shy away at all for a 2001. He is the definition of a power forward, even at his age, thanks partly to his 6-foot-4 frame. He was physical and used his body to protect the puck. He has a nice skill set and showed some solid playmaking abilities. Grade: B

Ethan Doyle #44 (L, F, 5’9”, 154lbs, 2001) – Ethan was definitely not out of place for a 2001. A quick and skilled forward, he was more noticeable with each shift. For a smaller sized player, he played physical and protected the puck well, which created many chances in the offensive zone. Grade: B


Georgetown Raiders

Zack Dybowski #14 (R, D, 5’11”, 190lbs, 1997) – Zack played a strong defensive game and used his thick, 190-pound frame well in winning puck battles all over the ice. He skates hard and is able jump into good offensive positions. He maintains good body positioning in the defensive zone, which makes him effective when helping break pucks out. Grade: B+

Jonathan Hampton #71 (L, F, Β 6’2”, 192lbs, 1998)- Jonathan has improved his skill set since last season, which has allowed him to score more goals so far this season. He buried a hard shot low glove this game. His biggest attribute is his skating and work ethic. This combination helps him win pucks and put himself in a position to make plays. Grade: B+

Jordan Crocker #9 (L, F, 5’8”, 146lbs, 1998)- Jordan was rewarded by going to the net and burying a rebound. He’s crafty with the puck and makes good small area plays. His defensive game has come a long way, which makes him reliable all over the ice. Grade: B+

Andrew Court #88 (L, F, 6’0”, 181lbs, 1997)- Andrew has a good motor which, allows him to make plays, even towards the end of shifts. He was impressive on the penalty kill and showed good speed in getting to loose pucks and relieving pressure. Andrew has a sneaky good skill set, which allows him to get opportunities. He needs to continue to get to the opposition’s net and off the perimeter. Grade: B

Jake Payette #6 (R, D, 6’7”, 238lbs, 1998)- Jake is as steady as any defender in the league. He uses his long reach very well, combined with very good hockey sense. Jake makes good small-area plays in his defensive zone and does a good job of getting pucks to the net in the offensive zone. He needs to continue working on his first few strides to elevate his game to the next level. Grade: B



Cole Beckstead #25 (L, F, 5’8”, 161lbs, 1998)- Cole was an enjoyable player to watch. He consistently competed for loose pucks each shift. He has good speed and a strong hockey IQ. Cole created a chance in the offensive zone almost each shift. Β Grade: C

Andrew Suriyuth #27 (R, F, 5’8”, 160lbs, 1999)– Andrew is excellent at forcing turnovers. He always blocks shots or reads the other team well enough to force mistakes. He turns quickly and has a second gear that, coupled with his hockey sense, allows him to create offense. Andrew is a player who can change the momentum of the game. The more you watch him, the more you appreciate his upside. Grade: B+

Reid Russell Β #28 (LD, 5’10”, 170lbs, 1997)– Reid is a top-end defender. He has an excellent stick and reads the play exceptionally well. Reid distributes the puck well and can play on the power play. He is most effective 5-on-5 and on the penalty kill. Grade: B+

Josh Leblanc Β #17 (L, F, 5’9”, 185lbs, 1997)– Josh is able to use his speed on the rush and can beat defenders one-on-one. Despite being 5-foot-9, Leblanc uses his 185 pound to be a physical power forward. He likes to hit and win battles for the puck. He is hard to contain in front of the net and in the corners. Josh was the best player on the ice for Kingston. Grade: B+

Austin Grzenia #16 (RW, 6’0”, 183lbs, 1998)– Austin is a fun player to watch and is one of the best pure finishers in the OJHL. He is an inconsistent scorer who will put in a couple goals one game and fade away the next. He has a next-level skill set but needs to be more consistent in his own end and overall. Β Grzenia is a puck-carrying winger who plays physical and is a smooth skater. He has a big shot and scored on a rocket of a shot to tie the game. Grade: B+

Cole Edwards #44 (L, F, 5’9”, 158lbs, 2000)– Cole is a gritty, two-way player who can help offensively or defensively. His first step is quick, and his grit and work ethic help make his linemates better. Grade: B

Rob Clerc #18 (R, F, 6’0”, 190lbs, 1997)- Rob is a tough winger who has the ability to score. He creates space and can find his teammates through a crowd. He seems to have leadership skills as his teammates respond to him. Grade: B

Brandon Nadeau #91 (L, F, 5’9”, 160lbs, 1997)– Brandon is a two-way center who seems to have upside. He got better last year as the season went on. He has started slowly this year, but the potential is there. He skates well and has a high hockey IQ. Grade: B

Blair Battochio #20 (L, D, 6’0”, 185lbs, 1999)– Blair is new to Kingston this year. He has an excellent ability to skate with the puck away from a defender. He makes a simple first pass and can contribute offensively. His defending has improved in the short time his has been in the league. Grade: B

Troy Bowditch #12 (L, F, 5’8”, 160lbs, 2000)– Troy has had a great start to the his rookie OJHL season. Β Even though he has a reduced role on a veteran forward lineup, he has still contributed offensively. He shoots the puck well by finding lanes and seeing openings that goalies offer. Grade: B


Junior Canadiens

Jack McBain #19 (L, F, 6’3”, 196lbs, 2000) – Jack is one of the most talented players in the OJHL. He has a high hockey IQ and very high-end skill. He was able to create chances and finish them. Jack played for Team Canada at the Under 18s and had a great tournament. He’s a great player who is committed to Boston College, but he sturggled with key faceoffs in his own end. College: Boston College Grade: A

Jason Pineo #21 (R, F, 6’2”, 195lbs, 1998) – Jason is a rugged, two-way center who plays with a level of grit. He is well-rounded on the ice with an ability to kill penalties, contribute on the power play and play at even strength. Grade: A-

David Sherman #27 (L, F, 6’3, 198lbs, 1998)- David is a skilled left winger with high intelligence. He is extremely steady and never seems to make a mistake. He always transfers pucks quickly, has an uncanny ability to get passes through and never turns the puck over. Grade: B+

Jake Joffe #9 (R, F, 5’10”, 180lbs, 1998)- Jake reads the offensive play well and compliments McBain and Sherman as a unit. They were on a line together and made it a long game for their opponents. Grade: B+

Mateo DiGiulio #18 (L, F, 6’2”, 195lbs, 1999) – Mateo has all the tools and a lot of potential. He has great speed and intensity. Unfortunately he did not get enough done, but his potential is visible and hopefully he can find a way to pull it all together. Grade: B-

Anthony Paveglio #7 (R, D, 5’10”, 170lbs, 1997)- Anthony has above-average mobility and speed and is composed and comfortable handling the puck. But he is an average defender. Β Grade: B-

Brayden Sampson #4 (L, D, 6’0”, 172lbs, 1997)- Brayden is extremely steady and consistent, to the point where you don’t really notice him in a positive or negative way. He plays in all situations and is very effective. He does everything right. Grade: B

Nick Kiriakos (R, D, 6’1”, 210lbs, 1999) – Nick is a solid, strong defender who logged a lot of ice time in critical situations. He is not overly mobile, but is a tenacious checker in his own end, leveraging his 6-foot-1 frame. He has average offensive skills. Grade: B



Noah Dollo #21 (RC/W, 6’3”, 175lbs, 1998)- Noah is a power forward with excellent hockey IQ and uses his large frame to contribute to his offense. He is just as good without the puck as he is with it. Noah is a power skater who can turn and go with anyone. He uses his big body to get pucks to the net and beat players one-on-one. Β He consistent is one of the better players on the ice. Grade: B+

Braydon Leeking #27 (RW, 6’3”, 190lbs, 2000)- Braydon looked good on a very poor Muskie team. He competed every shift for pucks and won many one-on-one battles. He had good puck handling skills and was dangerous at times around the net as he created a few chances. Grade: B+

Cameron Supryka #8 (LD, 6’1”, 155lbs, 2001)- Cam is a smooth skating defenseman who can quarterback the powerplay and relieve pressure by controlling the puck. He makes a good sharp first pass and carries himself like he a veteran. He seems to get faster with the puck and uses his agility and speed to make opponents miss. He is getting better defensively in his own end. Grade: B+

Brock TrailΒ #17 Β (LC/W, 5’11”, 180lbs, 1997)- Brock is a goal-scoring left winger. He has a want and a need to score. He is very dangerous in transition and uses his teammates to isolate defenders with give and gos. Brock has a pro shot which he can use to make opponents pay. Grade: B-


Markham Royals

Jack Jeffers #26 (L, F, 6’0”, 170lbs, 1997)- Jack is an elite skater who looks effortless out on the ice. He can change gears on defensemen and cause havoc with the puck as he is also very good stickhandler. Jack also created a lot of chances for himself and his linemates in the offensive zone. He does need to focus more on his play in the defensive zone. Grade: B+

Brett Ouderkirk #89 (R, F, 6’0”, 174lbs, 1997)- Brett was one of the smoothest stickhandlers all day. He is very shifty and tries to make plays in the offensive zone. He is guilty of being a little too unselfish and needs to shoot the puck more often in the high slot. Grade: B+

Zach Sheedy #19 (R, F, 5’10”, 157lbs, 1999)- Zach’s all around game was impressive. He is a workhorse who continued to outwork opponents with his speed and strength. He also created chances in the offensive zone each shift. He scored a fantastic goal by winning a battle for the puck and then driving the net out of the corner. Grade: A

Noah Doyle #77 (R, D, 5’11”, 185lbs, 1999)- Noah carries the puck with confidence and looks to join the rush when convenient. He has a great shot from the point and gets pucks through to the net. While he showed glimpses of his potential, did not get a ton of ice time. Grade: B



Clark Hiebert #17 (R, D, 6’2”, 180lbs, 2001)- Hiebert showed maturity and poise in his game instantly on a young Icehawks team. He always had his head up while looking to move the puck to his forwards. He shows some skill but needs to work on moving his feet as he handles the puck. A few times he was stationary and it caused a turnover. Grade: B+

Luca Esposito #71 (R, F, 5’11”, 170lbs, 1998)- The team that had few offensive chances, and over 50% were created by Esposito. He scored two goals to keep his team in the game, including a nice power play tally and a shorthanded goal where he capitalized on his speed and skill. Grade: B+



Chris Karabassis #12 (L, F, 6’0”, 194lbs, 1997)- Chris is a strong skater with the ability to contribute offensively for his team. Not only is he skilled, but he uses his big body to protect the puck in tight situations and is tough to knock off the puck. Grade: B+

Michael Imperiale #22 (L, D, 6’4”, 216lbs, 1999)- Michael is a defenseman’s defenseman, as he plays a strong physical game. He moves very well for his size, and uses his stick and long reach very successfully against attacking forwards. Don’t expect him to jump up into the rush too much, but he does a great job keeping guys to the outside and limiting mistakes. Grade: B+

William Vanderveen #3 (R, D, 6’6”, 220lbs, 1997)- William’s size is his most obvious attribute, but his mobility is even more impressive. Despite his 6-foot-6 stature, he is able to escape hard situations in the defensive end and can carry the puck if there are no other options. He moves the puck quickly and makes hard, accurate passes. He also plays on the powerplay and has a good, hard shot from the point. Grade: B+

Brandon Yeamans #91 (R,F, 5’9”, 159lbs, 1998)- Brandon is a heads-up player with a strong, first stride and good speed. He has smooth hands and a great skill set. He rounds out his game with strong physical play and he isn’t afraid to mix it up. He contributes at even strength and on the powerplay. Β Grade: B+


North York

Kyle Clarke #12 (R, F, 5’8”, 179lbs, 1997)- Kyle has excellent puck skills. He is always in the right places away from the puck and the puck follows him. He is equally efficient in his own end, and his consistent compete level is unmatched. Grade: A-

Nick Campoli #89 (L, F, 6’0”, 200lbs, Β 1999)- Nick is an NHL draft pick with strong speed and an extra gear when he needs it. His edgework and agility allow him to evade defenders with ease. He also has the skill set and shot to be very dangerous in close, and the vision to be an elite passer at the next level. As he improves and starts playing with better linemates, increasing strength will be key for him. College: Clarkson University Grade: A-

Joshua Cammalleri Β #13 (L, F, 6’1”, 190lbs, 1999)- Josh has a quick release and an accurate shot. If left unchecked, he can make the other team pay. He still needs to work on being consistent in his own end. Grade: B-

Noah Jordan #14 (R, F, 6’5”, 215lbs, 1997) – Noah is a big play-making right winger who sees the ice exceptionally well. Despite his 6-foot-5, 215-pound frame, he does not fit the power forward mold because he is less than physical on the ice. Grade: B-

Nick Leshuk #25 (L, F, 5’11”, 170lbs, 1998)- Nick is a Β two-way left winger who goes unnoticed at first until you see his consistent, reliable performance. He’s not flashy but is loved by coaches because he attacks shift after shift with the same simple but steady work ethic. Grade: C-

Peter Muzyka #7 (L, D, 6’2”, 175lbs, 2000) – For a 2000 birth year, Peter plays a very mature game. He knows his role and is extremely controlled in the defensive end. He always has his head up and moves the puck quickly and efficiently on the breakout. Β At 6’2” he is a smooth skater and is strong on his skates. Β He will get physical when he needs to. He plays in all situations and matched up with other team’s best forwards. College: Cornell University Grade: A-

Ryan Radisa #5 (R, D, 6’4”, 208lbs, 1999)- Ryan uses his size and strength to his advantage on the ice. Β He is strong on his skates but needs to work on his mobility. Grade: B

Harrison Rees #55 (R, D, 6’2”, 170lbs, 2000)- Harrison has a good bite to his game and plays with a high compete level and an edge. He always competes for pucks and wins one-on-one battles. He has average offensive skills and was effective on the power play. Harrison has a very good defensive presence to his game, as he keeps it simple and is always well positioned. He also has the skating ability to take the puck out of trouble when he has to. College: University of Connecticut Grade: B+

Jett Alexander #72 (G, 6’4”, 1881lbs, 1999)- Jett moves well in the net. He has average foot speed but always seems to be in a good position. He tracks the puck well and did not lose focus. Grade: B

Ross Krieger #27 (L, F, 5’9”, 155lbs, 1998)- Ross is a hard worker who brings a speedy and gritty style to the lineup. He has the ability to make plays and set teammates up for opportunities.Grade: B

Joey Meziarz #23 (L, D, 5’11”, 174lbs, 1999)- Joey is a captain who players respond to on the ice. He is slightly undersized but makes up for it with a very high compete level and gritty game. He is extremely strong in his own end positionally and also plays a patient, puck-moving style on the powerplay. Grade: B+

James Fletcher #21 (L, F, 5’11”, 170lbs, Β 2000) – James is a workhorse. His speed and tenacity jump out as he pursues the opposition relentlessly. He is always making things happen and causing turnovers with his speed and work ethic. He is a strong penalty killer who does really well with stops and starts and changing direction quickly and efficiently. Grade: B+



Cole Theissen #6 (R, D, 5’8”, 161lbs, 1998)- Cole showed well all over the ice. His poise and puck protection in his own end were impressive. He plays an aggressive game and closes hard on opponents. Β His powerful first few strides allow him to be effective getting to pucks and winning battles. Grade: B+

Alex Ierullo #9 (L, F, 5’10”, 165lbs, 1997)- Alex scored two goals and knows how to finish around the net. Β He was able to get to the hard areas and was rewarded. He’s mid sized but moves quickly and is hard to contain. He’s able to make quick plays and then move to open ice very well. Grade: B


Oakville Blades

Matt Kellenberger #26 (R, D, 6’0”, 181lbs, 1999)- Matt is an NCAA committed defenseman. He plays a solid all-around game. He uses his size to win puck battles and moves the puck with ease. Matt is also a strong-skating defenseman with a big shot from the blue line. College: Princeton University Grade: B+

Andrew McIntyre #72 (R, F, 5’10”, 175lbs, 1999)- Andrew is a high-compete forward who loves to win puck battles and plays a physical and intense game. He leads by example on the ice and sets the pace for his team. He has good skill with the puck and is used on all special teams. Grade: B

Bailey Newton #20 (L, D, 5’11”, 190lbs, 1998)- Bailey is defenseman with high hockey IQ and high intensity who makes a good first pass and is very physical. He had a few big hits during the game that gave his team energy. Grade: B+

Zach Bramwell #27 (L, F, 6’1”, 185lbs, 1999)- Zach has good size, a long stride and a powerful release. He absorbed hits well while maintaining possession and was able to get shots off in stride and in traffic. He made smart decisions with the puck and was even smarter without the puck, getting to scoring areas and sliding behind opposing defenders. He isn’t overly flashy and doesn’t stand out in any one particular area, but he does everything well. Grade: B+

Jack Ricketts #15 (L, F, 6’1”, 191lbs, 1999)- Jack has really good straight away speed and gets on opponents very quickly. His skating ability and work ethic stand out in his game. His skill and production has increased each season. Jack is the type of player who will have success in playoff type games. Grade: B

Peyton Reeves #28 (L, F, 6’2”, 192lbs, 1998)- Peyton has a big body and has good speed once he gets going. He tries to play a physical game to create space for himself and teammates. He’s not overly skilled but does little things right. He blocks shots, goes to the net and is hard to play against. Grade: B

Nicholas Boehmer #44 (R, D, 6’4”, 200lbs, 1998)- Nick is a big-bodied, shut-down defensive defenseman who takes the body, clears out in front of the net and plays physically. He needs to improve his lateral mobility but he covers a lot of ice and is tough to plays against. Grade: B

Jeff Clarke #55 (L, D, 6’3”, 190lbs, 1999) – Jeff is a tall, athletic, mobile defender with an all-around game. He gaps up well in the neutral zone and is able to force opponents to the outside with his long reach, footwork and physicality. He was able to stop rushes and pinch opponents off along the wall. He retrieves pucks well on dump-ins and he moves the puck swiftly and accurately on the breakout and through the neutral zone. He was used on both special teams units and looks to be a multi-dimensional prospect who can play any role on defense. Grade: B+

Spencer Kersten #77 (R, F, 5’9”, 170lbs, 2000) – Spencer is an NCAA commit. He is an elite player when it comes to skill and playmaking abilities. However, he lacks a commitment when he does not have the puck on his stick and needs to work hard throughout each shift. College: Princeton University Grade: B+



Zack Lyons #22 (R, F, 6’2” 180lbs, 1998) – Zack is the offensive right winger that most teams are looking for. He can finish. Β He has straight away speed and can turn with the best. Β It was not his best game against Aurora, but he showed he possesses the skills that make him a prospect. He needs to work on his consistency. Grade: B+

Vincent Boniauto #27 (L, F, 5’11”, 187lbs, 1997) – Vincent is a strong, physical type player that never loses a puck battle. He provided most of the offense up front and scored the nicest goal of the day with a quick release. He handles the puck with speed and finesse. Β Grade: B+

Rocco Andreacchi #13 (R, F, 6’0”, 185lbs, 1999)- Rocco is another Orangeville player who always seems to produce, even though he might not stand out. Β He puts himself in the right spots to score. He is average in his own end but also seems to be improving. Grade: B

David Mastropaolo #6 (L, D, 5’11”, 165lbs, 1999)- David plays in all situations for Orangeville. He was effective on the power play with the ability to move the puck and shoot. He plays at a high pace that his opponents struggle adjusting too. He definitely has some upside. Grade: B

Zach Taylor #57 (R, D, 5’9”, 187lbs, 1999)- Zach was the most exciting defenseman of the day. He has elite-level puck skills for a blue liner and is an effortless skater. He sees plays develop before they happen. He was used in all situations and controlled the puck all game. He has a very high hockey IQ and was a pleasure to watch. Grade: A

Masson Sarris #17 (R, F, 5’6”, 157lbs, 1999)- Masson is a very fast skater who can beat defenders wide with his speed. Despite his 5-foot-6 frame, he is strong and hard to knock off the puck. Masson scored a big goal late in the game and got better as the game went on. Grade: B+



Davis Teigen-Katsumi #33 (R, F, 5’11”, 185lbs 1999)- Davis plays with an edge and competes hard all over the ice. He showed a good release as he buried after a cross ice pass to open the scoring. His skill set and skating should help him be a top producer for his team. He has a lot of upside. Grade: B+

Anthony Stavrou #90 (L, F, 5’10”, 170lbs, 2000)- Anthony has a decent skill set but average speed. He has potential to be effective if he works on his speed and explosiveness. Grade: B

Jacob Didanieli #94 (L, F, 6’1”, 195lbs, 2001)- Jacob has power forward potential if he can add a bit more bite to his game. He has the size and showed the ability to have a strong outside net drive. Grade: B

Nathan Porter #4 (L, D, 6’2”, 200lbs, 2001)- Nathan has good defensive awareness at a young age. He is a big strong defenseman who is willing to get involved physically at any time. As he matures, he needs to develop better decision-making skills and puck patience instead of forcing passes and causing turnovers. Once he gains the confidence he needs, he’ll spend much more time on the offensive blueline. Grade: B

Mitchell Doyle #55 (R, D, 6’1”, 185lbs, 2000)- Mitchell is a big defenseman who moves well for his size. Β He has a decent compete level but needs to work on his backwards skating as he was beat wide a couple times. Β Grade: B

Joshua Jones #29 (L, D, 6’0”, 190lbs, Β 1998)- Joshua has decent size but is very strong. He maintains good gap control defensively and knows when to close the gap and challenge opponents. He is a very good skater with a willingness to engage physically. Josh is well-rounded with a good hockey IQ. Grade: B+


St. Mike’s

Colton Trumbla #17 (L, F, 6’0”, 181lbs, 1998)- Colton has flashes of speed but needs to use it more often. He has a good shot, a quick release and times his shots very well. He knows when to hold it an extra second to get a lane or let it go quickly. Β Grade: B

Cameron Searles #22 (L, F, 6’4”, 187lbs, 1998)- Cameron is a big forward who moves really well. He is speedy and has good outside drive when taking the puck to the net. With his size and skating ability, he is very hard to defend. He has the ability to score goals but seems more comfortable in a playmaking role, as he is very unselfish when distributing the puck. Grade: B+

Jonah Alexander #12 (L, F, 5’11”, 182lbs, 1999)- Jonah has a good hockey IQ and makes smart plays on both ends of the ice. On the powerplay he was in front of the net and he scored a nice tip-in goal for his team. He has a lot of speed and ended up scoring a second goal where he finished on a nice tic-tac-toe play. Β Grade: B+

Nicholas Zabaneh #27 (L, F, 5’10”, 177lbs, Β 2001)- Nick’s speed out there is glaringly obvious as he is constantly moving and never flat-footed. He plays with energy every shift and has a great sense of timing, hitting holes at the right time with speed. He also knows how to shift gears well, changing his pace quickly and giving defenders a hard time. Nick is used on the penalty kill and powerplay and has a great overall game, especially for a 2001. He was St. Mike’s best forward this game. Β College: University of Michigan Grade: A

Ty Jackson #20 (L, F, 5’7”, 147lbs, 2001)- Ty played very well for a first-year Junior player. He is extremely crafty with the puck and is an intelligent offensive player. He has a great sense of timing and moves the puck quickly to his linemates. He gets time on the power play and works hard every shift. Ty tends to lose one-on-one battles by getting out-muscled as he is a bit undersized. College: Northeastern University Grade: B+

Dylan Jackson #21 (R, F, 5’9”, 157lbs, 2001)- Dylan is another talented young player on this St. Mike’s team. He is very crafty and offensively gifted like his brother, Ty. On the power play he’s stationed on the half-wall to distribute pucks. He also did a great job killing penalties. As he gets more accustomed to this pace of hockey, he will have to learn to cut his shifts shorter. He also loses one-on-one battles due to his size. Β College: Northeastern University Grade: B+

Liam Beaudoin #3 (L, D, 5’11”, 180lbs, 1999)- Liam is a hard worker who brings intensity and compete during each shift. He plays a defensive defenseman style of hockey and is solid in his own zone. Β He needs to work on his puck handling skills and passing accuracy to bring his game to the next level. Β Grade: B

Tyler Busillo #18 (L, F, 6’0”, 188lbs, 1999)- Tyler is a physical presence on the ice who battles hard every shift. He has a great work ethic and a good hockey IQ. He is smart on the penalty kill and communicates well with his teammates. Grade: B

Ryan Madigan #11 (R, F, 6’5”, 197lbs, 2000)- Ryan is a big body out on the ice but he has plenty of skill as well. He works hard every shift and competes to win battles in the hard areas. Β Grade: B

Cosimo Lazzarino #33 (L, G, 6’2”, 185lbs, 1997)- Cosimo had a great game and is very solid in net. He tracks the puck exceptionally well and has good rebound control. He is strong and doesn’t let traffic get him rattled. Β Both his blocker and glove are fast. Β Grade: B+



Wesley Weir #23 (R, F, 5’9”, 187lbs, 2000) – Despite Stouffville being severely outmatched in this game, Wesley showed a lot of determination and compete level. He is a strong skater with a great outside net drive. One of his efforts resulted in a nice goal. He plays a physical game, especially on the forecheck, and finishes every hit. He is a sandpaper type player whom every coach needs on his team. Β Grade: B+

Kosta Manikis #18 (R, F, 6’0”, 160lbs, 2001)- Kosta is a very strong skater and played well, especially for a 2001 birth year. Β He is agile and has strong, small-ice skating skills. He is a threat whenever he steps on the ice and has an equal ability to finish or set guys up. College: Clarkson University Grade: B+

Nathan Torchia #34 (L, G, 5’10”, 154lbs, 2000)- In a game where the opposition had double the shots that Stouffville had, Nick only let in two goals through two periods to keep his team alive. He is the type of goalie who can win games for his team almost single-handedly. He is athletic and always square to the puck, and he can track the puck well through a crowd. Β Grade: B+



Brandon Marinelli #7 (L, D, 5’10”, 180lbs 1997) – Brandon has exceptional Hockey IQ. He always seems to make the right play with and without the puck. He quietly logs a lot of minutes and can play in all situations. He is a defender who can be matched against the other team’s best players or can run the power play. Grade: A-

Michael Silveri #88 (L, F, 6’2”, 200lbs, 1997)– Michael is a CIS prospect who can protect the puck well. He also causes turnovers and wins puck battles. Michael can finish but is also a huge asset in his own end. Grade: A-

Rex Moe #14 (L, F, 6’1” 217lbs, 1998)– Rex is a power forward who also has good puck handling skills.He is not afraid to use his size to beat his opponent. He plays on the edge and sometimes takes undisciplined penalties. Grade: A-

Mac Lewis #91 (R, F, 6’0”, 192lbs, 1997)– Mac leads by example on the ice. As the captain of Trenton, he is constantly working and taking a bigger role with this year’s team. He is producing with points and has stellar defensive play. Grade: B+

Caleb Boman #21 (L, D, 6’0”, 228lbs, 1997)– Caleb is composed and patient with the puck. He holds the puck in on the blue line and uses his composure to makes plays that others won’t. He sometimes puck watches in his own end and loses his defensive responsibility. Grade: B

Max Ewart #51 (L, F, 5’11”, 175lbs, 1998)- Max’s speed is his biggest asset. He can simply fly. He struggles to finish but creates offense with his tenacity and quickness. Grade: B

Carson Poulin #1 (G, 6’2”, 185lbs, 1998)– Carson is a big body who plays his angles well. He has a hockey sense that allows him to play pucks and freeze them at the right times. Carson struggles with his lateral movement but tracks the puck well. Grade: B

Cal Walker #94 (R, D, 6’0”, 172lbs. 1997)- Cal is a mobile defender with average offensive skills. He usually plays against other teams’ best players. He can play the power play but is usually on the second unit. Grade: B-



Lee Lapid #8 (R, F, 5’11”, 175lbs, 1998)- Lee is a very effective player who flies under the radar. He is a solid skater but has average speed. He protects the puck very well and has good skill low in the offensive zone. Lee does a great job setting up his linemates after digging pucks out from down low. Grade: B

Andrew Petrucci #21 (L, F, 6’1”, 200lbs, 1997)- Andrew has great tools as he is a solid skater with decent speed and is also very shifty and evasive. He has a quick release with a hard, accurate shot. In the two games watched, he had a total of four goals. He has a shoot-first mentality but can distribute and set up his linemates as well. Β Grade: A-

Josh Rettinger #6 (L, D, 6’1”, 172lbs, 1999)- Josh is a solid two-way defenseman who is very committed to finishing every hit. He is strong on his feet and good at maintaining position on the opposition. He has a good ability to get shots through and is used on the blueline on the powerplay. Β Grade: B

Nikolas Kalpouzsos #77 (R, D, 6’0”, 180lbs, 1997)- Nikolas is a very strong skater who moves well across the ice. He seems to do something every shift that is noticeable for good reasons. He is effective on the team’s powerplay and has a high hockey IQ. Grade: B+

Colton Kalezic #27 (R, F, 6’1”, 170lbs, 1999)- Colton is a big body who moves well and has good puck skills. He is dangerous every shift, combining his size, strength, and skill for a consistent threat. He had a nice outside goal in the game after driving to the net. Grade: A-

Dante Spagnuolo #15 (R, F, 5’10”, 182lbs, Β 1998)- Dante is one of the most exciting players at this tournament as he comes out flying every shift and has relentless tenacity. He is very quick and good at changing directions with stops and starts. He is always puck hungry and can strip opponents from behind. Dante is a strong passer and playmaker who is composed. He is also used as a defenseman on the powerplay. Grade: A-

Brett Bannister #11 (R, F, 6’2”, 195lbs, 1998)- Brett is a big forward and a very powerful skater who is strong on his skates. He makes good use of his size and strength, especially down low in the offensive zone, where he outmuscles opponents. He has a quick, hard shot. Grade: B+

Graeme Maclean #16 (L, D, 5’11”, 180lbs, 1997)- Graeme is an effective player who is used in all situations. He can get himself into trouble by not moving the puck quickly enough, which causes turnovers. He is at his best when he simplifies his game and does not over-handle the puck. Β Grade: B

Jackson Alexeev #23 (L, D, 5’10”, 185lbs, 2000)- Jackson is a very speedy and dangerous forward. He has a lot of creativity to match with his skill set. Β He is a hard worker who plays with tenacity and grit, while maintaining finesse with the puck. He has a quick release and a good shot. Grade: B

Eric Eremita #91 (R, F, 5’8”, 160lbs, 1997)- Eric is a bit undersized but has a good skill set and is an effective and smart puck mover. He has quick edge control, which he uses to evade defenders. Eric can also be elusive offensively. Grade: B

Nicholas Favaro #3 (R, D, 5’11”, 185lbs, 1998)- Nick had a strong showcase. He is a solid defenseman who moves well. A very good decision maker, he is used on the power play. He had some shifty shot-fakes from the blueline that allowed him to get pucks through to the net. Grade: B+

Matthew Bazarin #12 (L, F, 6’4”, 214lbs, 2000)- Matthew shows strong potential as a 2000 birth year. He is a very strong skater who knows how to use his edges well. He works very hard on the forecheck and competes for every loose puck. Matthew is a good shooter and can be more effective if he gets more shots off. Grade: B



Colin Doyle #17 (R, F, 5’11”, 180lbs, 1998)- Colin is the captain of the team and plays an intense style both offensively and defensively. He is very good on small ice and evasive as a skater. He can create ice to outmaneuver opponents and has the ability to protect the puck in order to make plays. Grade: A

Andrew Rinaldi #15 (L, F, 6’1”, 185lbs, 1998)- Andrew’s most noticeable attribute is his speed. He uses his speed to drive wide and get the puck to the net. He is not afraid to get his nose dirty and get to the net and battle. Andrew ended up scoring a valuable powerplay goal doing this. Grade: B+

Teddy McGeen #11 (L, F, 6’0”, 180lbs, 1997)- Teddy is one of the most dangerous players on the ice. He has straight-ahead speed that burns opponents. He is never flat-footed and can change direction quickly. Β Teddy uses his speed to get on top of opponents quickly and has some willingness to use his size to his advantage with physical playl. Grade: B+

Mitch Martan #22 (L, F, 5’8”, 187lbs, 1998)- Mitch is a high-end, play-making forward who can play any position. He even played on the point during the power play. Mitch’s speed with agility makes him dangerous. He can be beat physical because of his size and strength, but you have to catch him first.

Grade: B+

Declan Carlile #2 (L, D, 6’2”, 190lbs, 2000)- Declan is a big strong defenseman who has great defensive poise for a younger player. His skating is a bit awkward in certain situations, but that should improve as he gets more comfortable at this level. Grade: B

Dan Panetta #12 (L, F, 5’11”, 170lbs, 2001)- Dan is a very impressive first year Junior player who is coming right out of minor midget hockey. His skating is smooth and efficient, and he has solid speed. Β He has a gritty style and works hard every shift. Grade: B+

Zach Uens #7 (L, D, 6’1”, 175lbs, 2001)- Zach is a solid defender with great skating ability. He displays both mobility and agility in the corners and around the net when he is defending. He has a lot of potential and is only going to improve as he gets more comfortable at this level. Β Grade: B+

Jeffrey Burridge #19 (R, F, 6’2”, 205lbs, 2001)- Jeff is power forward with size who can also score. He has an accurate and quick shot. He uses excellent positioning to make up for his average skating. Jeff is very effective on the forecheck and he sees the ice very well. He was part of a very good London Jr. Knights minor midget team last year and knows how to win. Grade: B+

Keegan Ferguson #26 (R, D, 6’1”, 185lbs, 1999)- Keegan has a high compete level. He defends very well by staying with the attacker and always being on the right side of his opponent. His active stick is his best asset, and he is always causing turnovers. He is a quiet and responsible defenseman. He makes a good first pass. Keegan will skate with the puck, but he is most effective penalty killing and 5-on-5. Grade: B

Eric Uba #4 (R, F, 5’11”, 185lbs, 2000)- Eric has a presence with the puck that is hard to find. He always has his head up ready to make a play and he can pass the puck and shoot like a pro. Eric plays his position very well. He has straight-away speed but his agility is average. Grade: B

Creed Jones #33 (G, 6’2”, 175lbs, 2000)- Creed is a very calm and composed puck stopper. He is in position and covers his angles and challenges shooters. He is athletic enough to make the big save but makesit look easy in the net. Grade: B



Riley Mccutcheon #98 (L, F, 6’2”, 190lbs, 2000)- Riley is a strong winger who has a nice, long stride, which allows him to approach opposing defensemen quickly. He is very good at using his long reach to tip and deflect pucks past the opposition and using that to create offensive opportunities. College: University of Vermont Grade: B+

Brock Welsh #17 (L, F, 6’0”, 183lbs, 1998)- Brock plays with energy and always keeps his feet moving. Β He is able to get shots off quickly to create rebound opportunities. He has a great work ethic and will challenge defensemen with his net drive. Grade: B

Shane Bull #94 (L, F, 5’9”, 165lbs, 1999)- Shane is a very strong and tenacious forward who finishes all his hits. There is definitely no questioning his work ethic as he comes out with fire every shift. He works just as hard in the offensive and defensive zones and is shifty with the puck. He can use his shiftiness to create space and offense for his linemates. Grade: B+

Jeffrey Gauld #81 (L, F, 5’10”, 161lbs, 1997)- Jeffrey is a solid player who has good speed and a decent skill set. Grade: B

Cole Perfetti #91 (L, F, 5’9”, 154lbs, 2002)- Cole is a highly skilled youngster who is extremely dangerous offensively. He had a nice Johnny-on-the-spot goal that required a second effort. He uses his speed and small-ice quickness to evade defenders and protect the puck. He has great on-ice vision and knows where his teammates are at all times when he has the puck. He has to be more committed to working harder when he turns the puck over, as he hopes his teammates will gain control and send him on a break the other way. Cole is a 2002 who could go in the top five picks in the OHL Draft this year. College: Michigan Grade: B+

Noah Bull #23 (L, F, 5’9”, 173lbs, 1999)- Noah is a very fast skater who does a great job pursuing defenders on the forecheck. He stays involved in the play at all times and has a great work ethic. He has a strong physical presence on the ice despite his size. Grade: B+

Mason Snell #84 (L, D, 6’0”, 183lbs, 2000)- Mason is smooth on his skates and has speed and mobility. He gives his teammates hard, accurate passes. Mason needs to get physically stronger as he gets pushed around a bit and can get knocked off the puck relatively easily. Sometimes he finds himself in trouble due to not moving the puck quickly enough, which causes turnovers. Grade: B

Ryan Bazzana #47 (R, D, 6’1”, 194lbs, 1998)- He has a very strong and efficient skating stride and makes good, smart first passes to his teammates. He knows when and how to jump into the play to help create offense on the rush. Grade: B+

Luke Pearson #30 (L, G, 6’3”, 175lbs, 2001)- Luke is a big body in net at 6’3”. He stays strong in the net and has the size and strength to handle scrums when his net is being jammed. He had three or four critical saves on a five-on-three penalty kill that helped keep his team in the game. He is an obvious athlete who moves well. Luke ended up allowing five goals in one game but he was solid through two periods and victimized by some undisciplined penalties and turnovers from his teammates. Grade: B


Photo credit: Hickling Images