Beantown Classic Pro Division: Top 60 Rankings

Neutral Zone was in attendance for every day of the Beantown Classic Sunday, August 13 to Wednesday, August 16. Below is our report on the Pro Division. There were six teams in this group and the players ranged from 1997-2000 birth years. There were no game results or statistics available.

Below are 60 players that stood out. Grades are for this event only and relative to others on this report. Only a few of these players are new additions to our profiles as we have seen most play already. All these players did well to make this report.



Dallas Farrell #12 (F, R, Bombers, 1999, Jr. Bruins NCDC)- Dallas has a strong first step which allows him to get positioning on defenders. On one specific occasion beat a defender below the goal-line and took two explosive steps towards the net and created a scoring opportunity. He is very confident with the puck and is at his best in transition through the neutral zone and on zone entries. He has a quick release and an accurate shot. College: Maine

Jonathan Young #17 (F, L, Saints, 2000, IHC NCDC)-His vision around the net and deep in the offensive zone is excellent. His quick stick to deliver shots to the cage and his passes on the tape make him deadly in the offensive end. He is rangy, long and very tough to contain on the cycle. His shot is accurate and hard and his effort was solid. His transition game was average against older players here as he had less time to create in the middle zone. We also would have liked to see him drive the net on the rush a little more. However, he stood out, is very talented and has as much upside as anyone here. College: Merrimack


Ethan Kimball #12 (F, L, Conquistadores, 1999, Brooks AJHL)- Hardworking forward was constantly around the puck and involved in the play. Has a long stride and plays at a high pace. Handles the puck well at top speed and made several nice decisions in transition. Doesn’t hesitate to play a rugged game and worked well along the walls. Showed grit on an assist to Stalmok where he went deep into the zone, retrieved a puck and fed Chris in the high slot. This “lunch pail” dimension of his game will be crucial in the AJHL as he is talented and can make all the plays. Plays through traffic and uses his hands to make plays in tight spaces. His game is rounding out.

Ryan Lovett #13 (F, R, Conquistadores, 1999, Bruins NCDC)-At 6’2”, we liked how he got around the sheet. Very willing to dip his shoulder to the net and did not force his stick skills on the game/his puck management was good. Long reach with hard shot. As a right shot on the RW he dipped to the net, faked a shot, goalie went down, he rounded the net, accelerating on his edges for a wrap around. Showed poise, speed, balance and athleticism. He should have a good first year in the NCDC.

Andranik Armstrong #14 (F, L, Outlaws, 1999, KUA)-He was impressive. We noticed him right away as he is direct, fast, gritty and has some snarl to his game. He forechecked hard, came back on the backcheck with a purpose, went to tough areas and played in every situation with success. At first glance, we thought that his stick skills were average. The more we watched, the more we realized that although he isn’t a “dangler”, his puck play is good. He made quick decisions in transition, didn’t slow down with the puck on his stick and made hard passes. He did skate into trouble a couple times as he can be impatient. He is interesting and looks poised for a big year at KUA. He can play any way and in any situation, up and down the roster.

Jack O’Leary #18 (F, R, Warriors, 2000, PAL Islanders U18)- Dynamic playmaking forward. Plays with pace. Jack’s feet are constantly moving and he is tough to catch once he gets going. He sees the ice very well. Made a few passes backdoor that created scoring opportunities. Is at his best on zone entries and collecting loose pucks with speed. Has an above average set of hands and is able to control the puck well at top speed. Fun to watch, productive and smart game here. College: Cornell


Luke Edgerton #10 (F, R, Apaches, 1997, NJ Hitmen NCDC)- Was one of the older players here and it showed. Luke is a mature player that has a solid skillset. Skates well and is relentless on the forecheck. Takes the correct angles when pressuring defensemen. Is positionally sound and is always on the correct (defensive) side of the puck. Doesn’t panic with the puck under pressure and uses above average vision to find the open teammate.

Michael Holland #15 (F, L, Apaches, late 1999, Deerfield)-The late 1999 looked fast here and bigger than his listed 6’. He was a lot to handle when he got going. First step has improved and he took great angles in puck pursuit. Showed he can score and his shot is heavy and accurate. We think he is a goal scorer as he is around a lot of pucks and has the hands to collect and hands to bury pucks. Scored here including a laser on the rush which showed he can get his shot off at top speed. He stood out here.

Devan Tongue #14 (F, L, Apaches, late 1999, NMH)- Left-shot forward is a north/south winger. Bigger body that plays physical and protects the puck with his size and reach. He is tough to contain along the walls. Has a solid first step and on a few occasions he beat defenders out of the corners with the puck and attacked the net. Will need to improve overall agility and skating. However, there is a strong foundation on which to build.

Patrick Cotton #15 (F, Bombers, 1999, Bruins NCDC)-Patrick gets in trouble when he forces his skill on the game and exposes the puck. He is strong, balanced on his skates and best when he plays in straight lines, net to net. When effective, he initiates contact, leverages for space and works the cycle. His shot is heavy and tough to read off his blade. His stick is strong to possess and win loose pucks. His approach and skill set should allow for success as a power forward in the NCDC this year and can play up and down the roster. He is tough to play against when he keeps it direct.

Chris Stalmok #10 (F, L, Conquistadores, Bruins NCDC)-Stalmok is a new addition to our profiles. He spent most of last year on the Bruins Elite team. The 1997 scored a nice goal on the rush the first day that caught our attention. He can play fast and has a hard, quick shot and can release it in stride. In another game, he scored a goal on a catch and shot top corner from the high slot. He played with energy and made a lot of plays. Long frame, rangy with upside as a 1997. We liked him here.

Kevin Lombardi 11 (F, R, Conquistadores, 1998, Cedar Rapids)-Big bodied winger that plays a heavy up-and-down style. At times, he seems a little out of control and he has a bit of a jerky skating style. However, he can move well when he gets up to top speed. Was very tough to play against here and used his size and long reach to protect pucks in the offensive zone. Went hard to the net. The best part of his game right now is working in the corners and around the net. Will need to improve his overall agility and pace through the neutral zone as he moves to the next level. College: Michigan State

James Zegel #15 (F, L, Outlaws, 1999, South Shore NCDC)- James is a strong (225lbs), big-bodied (6’7”) winger that is still working at putting it all together. He will need to improve his consistency. Some shifts he is physically dominant and uses his size and reach to manage the puck and control the pace of play. Other shifts he seems to run around a bit. He is getting more confident with the puck and uses the time and space he creates with his size to make better reads/passes. On one goal, he pushed pace on the rush, put the D in a bad gap, cut back with a quick jump over the stick and shot low for the score. His skating has improved and he is a player to track in the new NCDC this year.

Artjoms Koppass #17 (F, L, Outlaws, 2000, HK Prizma/Paraugava)- Artojpms was consistently one of the better forwards on the ice. He is a big bodied athletic forward that was consistently around the puck. Plays well along the walls and is tough to knock off the puck in traffic. Has a nice set of hands which allow him to create space through the neutral zone and on zone entries. Has a quick release which he hides well. One several occasions he created good scoring chances by snapping the puck on net off one-on-one rushes. Very good speed/size combo with lots of upside.

Shane Pinto #18 (F, R, Saints, 2000, Selects Academy U18)- Shane is a strong up-and-down forward. He isn’t overly quick, but has a solid first step and can get up to top speed in a few strides. He was noticeable in transition and made some nice decisions through the neutral zone. The best part of his game is working down low and around the net. He uses his bigger frame to create time and space. He thinks the game well and has good creativity and vision.  

Daniel Kramer #13 (F, R, Saints, 1999, Choate)-We liked Kramer here. We had him as a B+ at Chowder Cup and he was a bit better here. He played with a good combo of strength, speed and skill. We noticed him each shift. More of a north/south player, he goes directly to the point of attack. He got in on the forecheck quickly and we liked his angles to pucks in space. He can shoot, worked hard and looked faster than we remember. Not sure he is a goal scorer but he was around a lot of positive plays and looked like he had something to prove.


Reilly Moran #20 (F, R, Apaches, 2000, Thayer)- Smaller forward with a high motor. Reilly uses above average straight-line speed and edges to attack defenders. Is able to handle the puck at top speed and is most effective in transition through the neutral zone. At this time plays a somewhat perimeter game and darts in and out of traffic. Will need to increase strength as he moves to the next level.

Noah Strawn #14 (F, L, Bombers, 1998, CT Rangers NCDC)- Noah was consistently noticeable during the week. He is a smooth playmaking forward who is calm under pressure and has above average stick skills. As he moves up levels from Mass high-school to the NCDC he will need to protect and manage the puck better.

Max Rand #16 (F, L, Bombers, 1999, Avon Old Farms)-Rand left Brooks and will attend Avon this year. He looked stronger and faster than when we saw him last. His touches on pucks were better but his hands are still just above average.

Christian Powers #22 (F, R, Bombers, 2000, Andover)- Diminutive right-shot forward that has fast feet and smooth edges. Never stops his feet from moving. Is best in transition and capitalizing on loose pucks. Plays a perimeter game and will need to improve his strength on the puck as he moves to a higher level. Has a solid set of hands which allow him to make plays in traffic.

Ryan Stevens #17 (F, L, Conquistadores, 2000, Nobles)- Has the tools but was not consistently noticeable. Ryan is a strong, athletic left-shot forward that skates very well. Plays a rugged, physical game and tracks the puck well. Takes good angles on the forecheck and has an active stick. There were some shifts where he was in control of the puck and dictating the pace of play. However, there were also stretches of play where we didn’t notice him. Overall good job by the 2000. College: Yale

Alex Bourhas #10 (F, L, Outlaws, 1998, Merritt BCHL)-He is small, very quick and was involved each shift. Like previous viewings, he showed he can be elusive on the rush and push pace. He used space mostly to distribute and has quick hands to match his quick decision making. His effort was unmatched and it will be interesting to see how his style translates in the BCHL. He plays with a lot of pace and grit. The fact that he is very hard to play against should allow him to be a factor all season.

Robert Murray #11 (F, R, Outlaws, 1998, Phillips Exeter)-Not the smoothest player and skates with a choppy stride however, he is always around the puck. Robert was relentless on the forecheck and was constantly creating chaos through the neutral zone. Has some stick skills and made some nice reads on zone entries. At times, his pace of play can be considered erratic but he was consistently making positive plays throughout the week.

Justin Pearson #9 (F, L, Saints, 1998, Islanders NCDC)-Justin was constantly involved in the play. On some shifts, he controlled the puck for long stretches and dictated the pace of play. Is good around the wall and below the goal line in the offensive zone. Is a strong skater and uses his speed to beat defenders wide and to loose pucks. Will need to add an extra gear as he moves on to the next level. Had a solid week here.

Hunter Brackett #17 (F, L, Warriors, 2000, Tabor)- Hunter had a strong showing here. He moves well with a choppy stride and plays an honest two-way game. He doesn’t pass up many chances to play physical. He has good vision and made several nice passes through seams. Is constantly in support of the puck and is rarely caught out of position. Has a smooth set of hands which allow him to make plays in tight areas.


Riley Prattson #11 (F, R, Bombers, 1999, Jr. Bruins NCDC)- Riley is a smaller player that relies upon his vision and quick feet to beat defenders. Works well in tight spaces and made some nice “touch plays” to facilitate offensive chances. Makes decisions quickly and was comfortable with the puck on his stick throughout the weekend. Will need to add an extra step as he moves onto the next level. He had some trouble getting to the net and in traffic here. College: Providence

Gunnar Fontaine #18 (F, L, Bombers, 2000, Jr. Bruins NCDC)- Competes hard. Gunnar played an effective game here by working hard up-and-down the wing. Finishes checks and wins 50/50 puck battles. Plays through contact and doesn’t shy away from the dirty areas on the ice. Works hard along the wall and makes plays in tight spaces thanks to an above average set of hands. Was constantly involved in the play. Effort player who can make plays. The 2000 does a lot well but nothing great at this point in his development.          

JJ Harding #9 (F, L, Outlaws, 1998, Austin Prep)-JJ seems to be putting his game together right now. He played a direct style that created turnovers and caused chaos. We have seen his skill in MA HS and while can make players miss at that level, here he showed he can simplify, use his balance and strength and win pucks in tough areas. Net front was good and he scored a rebound goal where he went hard to the cage, gathered a loose puck and finished on his backhand. He will have the puck on his stick a lot come November and that will be good but here we liked to see the diversity in his game.

Samuel DiMaio #16 (F, R, Warriors, 1999, Loomis Chaffee)-Sam has an ok skating style. He has a somewhat stiff upper body and wide base. However, he is still able to navigate the ice effectively. Was at his best driving the net and using his body to gain positioning in the offensive zone. Plays a positionally sound game and can be counted on in each zone.


Derek Osik #11 (F, R, Saints, 1998, South Shore NCDC)- Athletic, playmaking forward. Derek did a good job throughout the week. Has a long stride and gets up to top speed quickly. He handles the puck well and made some nice plays in transition and on zone entries. Not afraid to work in the dirty areas. Will need to protect the puck better as he did make some untimely turnovers. However, he was consistently a positive player for his team.

Jack Studley #6 (F, R, Saints, 1999, BB&N)-Studley has a sturdy core that he used to win wall battles and leverage for space with the puck. He went to the net, worked and hunted pucks. He is solid but not dynamic. He did show off a spin move on the rush so perhaps that part of his game will come along. The 1999 made players around him better and his game is understated yet effective.

Augie Burkhardt #10 (F, L, Saints, 1998, Kent)-Augie played his game here. He was aggressive, added energy and waited for opportunities to pounce on pucks. He has excellent straight-line speed and forced opponents into bad spots in puck pursuit. We liked his play in the defensive zone as he went hard to the point and finished checks. He showed some clever hands to weave through traffic but we noted his vision was just average as he missed some plays. Overall, he was tough to play against and worked very hard.


Kyle Kazeroid #13 (F, L, Apaches, 1999, NMH)-Kazeroid is direct and played fast. He hunted pucks well and got it to the net. The 1999 had some trouble as his puck touches were inconsistent. Worked hard and stood out on several shifts.

Justin Miller #9 (F, L, Conquistadores, 1997, Bruins NCDC)-He worked hard which we liked because we think he is a goal scorer. Good size, strength, shot and lateral movement. Justin should find his way this year as a 1997 in the NCDC. Can add some scoring and play top six role at a small college.

Chris Brown #15 (F, R, Saints, 1999, Salisbury)-He had a solid net front presence and had the puck a lot. Strong on the puck with good size at 6’1” and a long reach. There were times he didn’t look to have a plan with possession and perhaps was trying to do too much. He was noticeable and mostly around positive plays but we think there is more to be had from him. Did enough to make this list.



Peter DiLiberatore #6 (D, L, Apaches, 2000, Salisbury)- Peter is a smooth, athletic, left-shot defender. Has quick feet and a balanced controlled stride. Is always under control and is difficult to beat in one-on-one situations. Retrieves pucks from his zone well and makes a strong first pass out of his zone. Reads the play well and on several occasions stepped-up to intercept passes at the offensive blue-line. Has a strong, heavy shot from the point. Very confident with the puck and is never in a rush. Very high ceiling.


James Davenport #4 (D, R, Saints, 2000, St. Sebastian’s)-James had another solid showing here. He is an athletic defender that skates well and makes good decisions. He frequently comes away from board battles with the puck and transitions the play to offense. Likes having the puck on his stick and will wait to make the correct play. Used his arms, legs and body to shield the puck from contact. Doesn’t panic under pressure and seamlessly retrieves pucks and facilitates the breakout. Has a strong shot from the point. He will also pass up the shot to make a back-door read if it is the higher percentage play. Must strengthen and work on puck distribution while skating backwards. College: Brown

Michael Kesselring #7 (D, R, Warriors, 2000, New Hampton)-Michael is a long right-shot defender that moves very well for a bigger player. Has a long reach and doesn’t hesitate to contribute offensively. On a few occasions, he led the rush and used his reach to beat defenders wide. His hands are still a work in progress, but he showed some stickhandling skill that we liked. Defensively he is getting better. His feet are improving and he uses his long reach and body to keep forwards to the outside.  Thinks the game well and anticipates plays in order to intercept outlet passes and cut down gaps through the neutral zone. Game is trending in the right direction. College: Merrimack 


Christian Felton #5 (D, R, Apaches, 2000, Skipjacks)-Christian is very athletic and used his good size and strong stride to keep forwards from good scoring space. He can defend with speed as he closed quickly on opponents or pinch players off as he is balanced and has a strong core. The 200 stood out against older players. Projects as a top 4 D with first PP potential. Lots of upside.

Zachary Jones #7 (D, L, Apaches, 2000, Selects Academy U16)-Jones committed to UMass soon after this event. The 2000 is very athletic. His stride, pivots, lateral movement and hands are all smooth and productive. He gets from place to place quickly and will become even more balanced and explosive on his skates as he adds strength. Can skate or pass the puck from his end and has an elusive element to his game to avoid the forecheck. We liked that he got off the wall with the puck and made tape to tape passes. He is a small D but that didn’t limit. Fun to watch, athletic with lots of upside. College: UMass-Amherst

Cameron Barbagallo #4 (D, R, Bombers, 1999, Tabor)-Cameron plays a simple, yet effective game. Retrieves pucks efficiently and starts the breakout with ease. Controls his gaps well and uses his feet to stay in front of forwards off the rush. Can play a heavy, physical game and wins most puck battles in the defensive zone. Thinks the game well and is positionally sound. Has a strong, active stick and cuts down on opposing forwards space in the defensive zone. Is tough to beat in one-on-one situations.

John Murray #6 (D, L, Conquistadores, 2000, Nobles)-John had a very solid week. He skates well with a balanced, controlled stride. Has a low base which makes it tough to knock him off the puck. Makes good decisions with the puck. On several occasions, he was able to exit his zone by either finding the open man or skating the puck into the neutral zone before moving it. Thinks the game well and made several smart reads at the opposing blue line to keep the puck in the zone. Good gap control and is tough to beat in one-on-one situations.

Owen Borek #5 (D, L, Outlaws, 1999, Brooks)- Owen is a strong defender that moves well for his size. Has a nice set of hands. He made several nice plays on the offensive blue line by keeping the puck in the zone and either finding an open teammate or getting the puck to the net. Doesn’t panic when under pressure and is confident in his puck handling abilities which allows him make plays in tight spaces. Good looking younger player with upside. Looked athletic and prepared.

Robert Radochia #6 (D, L, Saints, 2000, Belmont Hill)-We think Robert’s skating keeps getting better. He is stronger and his stride and balance have followed suit. We liked that he was very willing to hit here. Not looking to make friends/play nice at a showcase. Puck play was average but that is not his strength. Headed towards becoming a shut-down type with second PP ability as he moves up in levels. We think he will have a breakout year for Belmont Hill this season. He still can add weight and strength, we like his upside.

Owen Nolan #5 (D, L, Warriors, 2000, Millbrook)-We had “athletic” next to his name three times in two games. He is long and still a bit raw. Long stick to defend and he closed on pucks quickly. He has good feet and had no trouble going back for pucks or starting transition. We didn’t get a great sense of his puck play but as he was a younger player here and made basic outlets. We noted at national camp that we would like to see him improve his shot. Here, he did that as he got pucks to the net and shot to tips. Tons of upside. He was one of the 2000 that showed well here.


Kyle Delmaestro #2 (D, L, Conquistadores, 1997, PAL Islanders NCDC)-We noticed his puck play early on as he has good feet to go back for pucks and can skate or pass the from out of his end. His skating is very good but we felt his gaps could be better. Not physical and defended with his stick and positioning. In another game, he was much better in his end. He stuck with his guy and took care of his crease. Pinched off the line rush and showed good lateral movement. He still will have to become more effective/consistent below the goal line and we will be watching his play there in the NCDC. Good offensive D with upside in his end.

Michael Hughes #6 (D, R, Outlaws, 2000, Brooks)-Hughes was one of the 2000s that stood out here. He looked mature, poised and prepared at 6’2” and 195lbs. We liked that he played a simple game predicated on protecting his crease. Has the size and balance to compete for pucks on the wall, below the dots and in the paint. Pinched the rush off and got off checks. Puck play was average but that was OK here as a younger player. Gaps on the rush must improve. Upside as a three-zone guy as his play with the puck evolves. Should be a very good D at Brooks this season.

Caleb Price #7 (D, L, Outlaws, 2000, Cyclones NCDC)-Played fast with a of creativity with the puck. He is a breakout machine who almost acts as a fourth forward when he is on the ice. Considering, he was one of the younger players in this division, his skills and confidence are impressive. His skating is very fluid and he gets around the ice at a high level. We will be interested in how he defends in the NCDC this season as he is small. Athletic, agile and poised; Patrick has the tools to be a very good puck mover at the next level.

Aaron Pinto #6 (D, L, Saints, 2000, Avon Old Farms)-Undersized defender that has quick feet. Smooth with the puck and transitions from defense to offense effectively. Aaron is always looking to push the pace offensively and won’t hesitate to join the line rush.  Isn’t a physical presence and defends with his feet. Always supports the puck and made several good reads to find open teammates through the neutral zone. Athletic and smart. We liked his approach.


Bradley Zona #8 (D, R, Bombers, 2000, Cushing)- Bradley has a wide base which allows him to have a controlled balance skating style. He isn’t overly fast but can move ok when he gets up to top speed. Plays a rugged, simple style. Retrieves the puck and moves it quickly to the wing/center in the breakout. Plays heavy on opposing forwards in his own zone. Has a strong shot from the point which he keeps low. He will need to develop his stick skills and hands as he moves to the next level.

Nolan McElhaney #7 (D, R, Bombers, 1999, Cushing)-He was good but a bit inconsistent. Long and athletic he looks to have added some strength but still has plenty of room for weight. Still defended mostly with his stick. He has as much upside as anyone here and it seems a matter of time before he puts it all together.

Caelan Briere #4 (D, L, Conquistadores, 1998, Bruins NCDC)- Caelan is an athletic, left-shot defender that doesn’t try and do too much on the back-end. Is most effective when he makes the simple reads. Is tough to play against in his own zone and is strong on his stick. Works well below the dots in his own end by taking away time and space of opposing players. Made some nice reads through the middle of the ice.

James Perullo #7 (D, L, Saints, 2000, Belmont Hill)- Not the biggest physical defender, but is very effective. Manages the puck well doesn’t hesitate to join the offensive rush. Has good instincts and made several smart reads to either intercept passes or cut down space through the neutral zone. Always supports the puck and gives his partner an outlet pass. Has a low base which makes it difficult to knock him off the puck. As he gets stronger, he will be tougher to play against in his own zone.


Azan Dorsett #2 (D, R, Apaches, 1998, Taft)- Right-shot defender was not at his best here. While he is not the biggest defender, he possesses the physical tools. Skates well with a fluid effortless stride. Picks up speed quickly and escapes from oncoming forecheckers. At times sees the ice well and will make the correct read through the seam. However, he was trying to force too many plays. His pace on passes was off and he made some careless turnovers. Once he starts to play a more controlled, simple game he will really become an effective defender.

Conor Breen #2 (D, R, Outlaws, 1997, South Shore NCDC)- Connor is a mature stay-at-home defender. The 1997 uses his size and reach well. He is tough to play against in his own zone as he closes gaps effectively. Has a long, active stick and is able to keep forwards to the outside. There are times where he runs around his own zone and is out of position. When he plays a simple, straight forward game and manages the puck well he is effective. Seemed intent on creating offense here but he projects as a player that should be on the ice at the end of a game with the lead.

Faisal Alsaif #2 (D, L, Warriors, 1999, Choate)-Faisal showed that he is very willing to defend with his body. He has decent size, mobility in all directions and stayed on the right side of the puck. His stick placement to defend was good but there were times he let his gaps get away from him. Puck play was solid as he made some subtle and productive outlets and can skate to pressure when called for. Decent showing and should have a good prep season.


Jordan Tetreault #3 (D, L, Conquistadores, 1998, Bruins NCDC)-Good frame and physicality. Puck play is limited but he seemed able to get pucks from his end. Balanced on his skates. We think he has some offensive upside and that may dictate where he tracks at the next level. One issue was he turned a puck over on a D to D pass and severely lacked effort recovering from his mistake. Did just enough to make this list.

Patrick Lavin #3 (D, L, Outlaws, 1998, Worcester Acad)-We remember Lavin playing forward but he looks to have made the move to D at least for this tournament. We liked how he supported his partner as he seems to understand play without the puck. He liked to skate the puck up ice and was mostly effective getting the puck out of his end. Gaps were good, he picked up sticks in front and he looked prepared. Solid effort.

Moritz Wirth #4 (D, L, Outlaws, 1999, EC Salzburg)-The German is a new addition to our profiles. He is a good skater, strong and quick. He has good size at 6’2” and won wall battles. We liked that he was wiling to jump up in the play but did feel he over-handled it at times. Interesting player. We will need more but he looked to have some solid tools.

Andrew Moynihan #3 (D, R, Warriors, 1999, Lawrence Acad)-Andrew is a nice skater; smooth, productive/balanced stride. He was quick to defend and didn’t allow opponents to get moving towards his net. We liked how he pinched off the rush and neutralized players along the wall while still being able to get off checks. He avoided getting tangled up in traffic. College: Wilkes

Photo Credit: Dan Hickling/Hickling Images