USHL Scouting Report: Sioux Falls vs. Lincoln

Sioux Falls  2   Lincoln 4

This was a fast pace hockey game with plenty of shots and scoring opportunities for both teams. Lincoln got on the board halfway through the 1st period getting a goal from Dominick Mersch off a rebound. The Stampede scored 2 goals to finish the period as Jack Doremus scored on a rebound and Lean Bergmann scored on a nice top shelf shot over Cayden Primeau’s shoulder. In the second period Collin Peters scored a nice goal off the faceoff during the power play and later in the period Henry Bowlby scored off a rebound which proved to be the game winner. In the third period Sam Sternschein scored in the empty net to seal the win for the Stars.

The stars went 1 for 4 on the power play and accumulated 44 shots while the Stampede went 0 for 3 on the power play and put 35 shots on goal. The Stars came out flying in this game by working the cycle and being able to create plenty of shots on Mikhail Berdin of the Stampede. The Stampede had plenty of scoring chances but couldn’t get enough pucks past on Cayden Primeau.


Lincoln Stars 

#12 Henry Bowlby L(C)-6’1/195- 2/26/97

Henry has good size and has a strong powerful stride and is willing to drive the net. He has good vision and is able to make nice passes. He scored a goal while attacking the net and banging in the rebound. College: Harvard

#20 Sam Sternschein R(F)-6’1/204- 4/27/98

Sam had a great game scoring the empty net goal and getting 2 assists. Sam worked hard in both ends of the ice and it paid off for him. He has some quick hands while his feet, never stops moving as he works very well out of the corners. College: Penn State

#21 Brandon Schultz L(C)-5’7/141- 6/15/96

Brandon came out flying in this game while showing us his amazing speed. He works very hard in both ends of the nice as he created plenty of scoring chances with his speed and stickhandling skills. He also has great vision and was able to make some nice passes. College: Northeastern University

#4 Dylan Woolf R(D)-6’1/212- 5/3/96

Big, physical defenseman who zips passes across the ice and plays in your face style in his own end. He picked up an assist here on the second goal and took care of the puck all game, made smart decisions with and without the puck and was tough to play against. College: St.Lawrence

#3 Collin Peters R(C)-6’/172 -2/5/97

Collin has good size and the ability to drive the net without fear. He has quick hands and is strong enough to cycle out of the corners and create scoring opportunities. He scored a nice power play goal off the faceoff from the slot, shooting blocker low.

#29 Cayden Primeau L(G)-6’3/179- 8/11/99

Cayden is a big goalie looks very imposing in net. He plays very deep in his net and has quick reflexes. He is able to track the puck very well in traffic and control is rebounds. He got scored on top shelf which I thought he had the time to come and challenge the shooter more. The other goal was a rebound in which he had no choice. I thought he played great game and showed a lot of poise in net. College: Northeastern

Sioux Falls Stampede


#30 Mikhail Berdin L(G)-6’2/163- 3/1/98

Mikhail is a good size goalie who likes to come out and challenge the shooter and is also active playing the puck. He is very quick down low with quick reflexes as well. He gave up 2 goals off the rebound and the other goal was right in the slot and not much of a chance on that goal. In this game he was busy stopping 44 shots, he needs to work on his rebound control.

Drafted NHL 2016 6th round 157th overall

#3 Alex Stevens R(D)-6’1/199- 2/27/97

Alex is a smart player with great vision moving the puck in all areas of the ice. He is very reliable defensively and also has the ability to be a productive offensive defenseman. He recently got traded to Dubuque. He picked up a nice assist on Bergmann’s goal. College: Penn State

#10 Lean Bergmann L(RW)-6’1/195- 10/4/98

Lean has some size to him along with speed and quickness. He has the ability and awareness to get open in the offensive zone. He has a quick hard release and the ability to score goals. He showed this skill with a nice goal going top shelf in this game. College: Western Michigan

#23 Mitch Perrault R(C)-5’9/172- 9/3/96

Mitch is a small player with really quick hands and feet. He makes nice moves using his quickness to evade the defenders. He has good vision and the ability to make nice passes. He made a nice pass to Bergmann in the slot for a nice goal. He also does a very good job on the faceoffs. College: Harvard

#28 Jack Doremus R(C)-6’1/179- 4/15/97

Jack is a powerful, strong skater who is willing to take the puck to the net. He works hard every shift creating havoc especially around the net. He scored off his own rebound by driving to the net. He has a quick, hard release and he is not afraid to shoot the puck whenever he gets a chance. College: Denver

#4 Justin Wells L(D)-6’2/163- 3/1/98

Justin is a big kid with good mobility and a long reach. He has vision, puck patience and the ability to deliver crisp, clean passes. He plays very well defensively and keeps the game simple. College: Bowling Green