Brooks/Pingree Holiday Tournament; Top 25

On December 16 and 18, 2016 we were able to catch games across both Divisions and put together a list of the tournament players who we felt showed best. For scouts and hockey professionals please keep in mind that our rankings are in order as we saw fit, but not numbered because we feel their letter grade was more important than their numerical grade. Most importantly, the letter grade is NOT a reflection of the player’s overall ability or upside; it is simply based on how that player performed at this particular tournament.

Editor’s note: due to inclement weather we were not able to secure viewings of Pingree and Hebron on Saturday. In addition, we noticed that four rostered players did not see game action for New Hampton, hence why they have not been included in the listing below.

00 F Michael Kane (L, 6′, 185, New Hampton #9) was an offensive threat the same way he showed in midget hockey down in CT. Uses his big frame to guard the puck and punish anyone in his way. Throws hits on nearly every shift and finds ways to take the puck away along the boards as a result. It took him a few prep games to really get in rhythm but he is firing on all cylinders now. His wrist shot is dangerous if you don’t close down his space: ripped one off the left post from the RW. Willing to take a hit to make a play in the offensive zone because his frame can absorb it. Grade: A-


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