Beantown Fall Classic U16 Top 75


Neutral Zone headed to Marlboro for the Fall Beantown Classic in late October. We had two scouts in attendance and focused on the U16 Division. Once again, there were a lot of teams and some very high end talent. Below are the players that we noticed over the weekend. The fact that a player is mentioned here means that we believe they had a generally positive influence on their teams. Grades are a way to differentiate this group from each other. All the players listed are solid prospects and many are new additions to our profiles.


Logan Pietila (#17, Compuware, ‘00; F)-If you blinked, you missed Logan. One scout used the word “creative” three times in three games. He played fast which was impressive but what made him stand out was his ability to access all his tools at full speed. He was a factor in space, on the wall and in all three zones. He was one of the best players (certainly the most elusive) in the entire tournament. College: Michigan Tech    Grade: A-

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