EHL Bedford Showcase

Neutral Zone attended the EHL Showcase in Bedford on Sunday, September 25th and watched four match ups (Valley Warriors vs NJ Rockets; Boston Bandits vs Philadelphia Little Flyers; Walpole Express vs. Philadelphia Jr Flyers; and East Coast Wizards vs Philadelphia Revolution).


After watching the day of games, the following players had good showings. Many of the players highlighted will make contributions to Division 3 Programs.



Scott Donahue (L, 6’0/180 lbs, Boston Bandits EHL, 1996) – Was the best player on the ice throughout the day. He is a constant threat to score each time he is out there. Works very well in all situations, especially with Anthony Scarcella. Scott uses his big body very effectively to drive pucks to the net. He is also able to find the soft spots on the ice, especially in the slot.  Has a strong shot and an accurate quick release. Plays a sandpaper game and is not afraid to mix it up between (or after) the whistle.


Richie McCartney (R, 5’11/192, Philadelphia Revolution EHL, 1996) – Controlled portions of the game. Above average skater and uses his speed to beat defenders wide. Was always around the puck and is not afraid to be in the dirty areas. Works well with his teammates and is a pass-first player. Has a hard, accurate shot with a quick release.



Anthony Scarcella (L, 5’8/175, Boston Bandits EHL, 1997) – Smaller player but extremely quick. Uses his quickness to create opportunities in the neutral and offensive zone. Has a choppy stride but still seems to move effectively out there. Has above average vision and is more of a pass-first player at this time. Makes players around him better. Plays a full 200’ game and has a non-stop motor on the fore-check and back-check.


Philip Elgstam (L, 5’10/183, NJ Rockets EHL, 1998) – Smooth player that thinks the game well. Has tremendous patience with the puck and doesn’t hesitate to circle back to find space. Works well in the neutral zone and is able to find seams in the passing lane. Has a smooth stride and gets up to top speed fairly quickly.


Ludvig Nilsson (L, 6’1/192, Philadelphia Jr. Flyers EHL, 1996) – Plays a strong, heavy game. Is a threat to score each time he is on the ice. Strong on the puck and finishes well. Has a strong shot with a quick release. Plays a controlled game and doesn’t panic with the puck. Strong skater who can use another gear when he wants to to beat defenders.


Jimmy Pelton (R, 6’1/170, Valley Warriors EHL, 1997) – Strong player that moves well. Uses his frame to his advantage and knows how to protect the puck. Works well below the goal line and has a knack for finding the right positioning in the offensive zone. Thinks the game well.




Cole Crawford (R, 5’11/175, Boston Bandits EHL, 1996) – Smooth skating defensemen. Plays a strong game in his own zone. Doesn’t waste much movement and keeps the game simple. Makes a strong first pass out of his end to the wings. Has strong gap control and does a good job keeping forwards wide. Has a strong stick and rarely gets beaten on 50/50 pucks.


Cameron Bartkoski (R, 6’0/175, Philadelphia Little Flyers, 1997) – Steady defensemen that plays a strong defensive game. Skates well and has above average confidence making plays all over the ice. Makes strong passes out of his end and through the neutral zone. Has good gap control and doesn’t give forwards much space to operate. Has a strong shot from the point and is effective on the power-play.


Dylan Carabia (R, 6’3/190, Walpole Express, 1996) – Big, physical defender. Keeps the game simple but isn’t afraid to join the offense. Plays a strong game in his own end and is tough to play against. Makes the first pass out of his zone well and plays a strong positional game.