Rush Showcase Review & Scouting Report


Neutral Zone’s women’s scouting staff made it to the Rush Showcase in Brampton, Ontario over the weekend of June 5 – 8, marking the start of the summer scouting season.
The Rush Showcase is the first major event in women’s amateur hockey to occur after the May “dead period” where NCAA Division 1 schools are not allowed to recruit. After Rush, Neutral Zone staff will be headed to the upcoming USA Hockey Top 66 camp, and the U18 and U15 development camps.
With around 600 players present, there was plenty of talent at the Rush Showcase for staff to see and Director of Women’s Hockey, Jessica Cameron, as well as former CIS coach and Neutral Zone staffer, Tim Manastersky, enjoyed both the level of play as well as the organization of the tournament.
Detailed rosters were available for all teams and a precise schedule was provided to allow Neutral Zone scouts to stay on track over the course of the weekend.  As a result, Cameron and Manastersky alone were both able to watch every time in the showcase at least twice.
One common sentiment among Neutral Zone scouts present was how impressed they all were with the way the younger players stood out.  Cameron, for example, had gone into the event planning to focus more on older players, but quickly realized that the young talent could not be ignored.
At the conclusion of the event, 36 players and four goalies were selected to the tournament All-Star team.  We are unclear as to how the All-Star team was selected, and while the selected players were all deserving, Neutral Zone scouts said that they were plenty of other players whose performances deserved recognition as well.
The following is a list of 80 players – not in any exact order or ranking – who our scouts felt performed well and stood out the most in this particular tournament. While it may not necessarily be indicative of an overall top 80 ranking for this group of players, it is our top 80 for this specific showcase. Included in the list are the players’ names, numbers, teams, birth years etc., as well as a few notes from our scouts on each player.
This list of players is based on the roster information provided by the tournament, so we cannot guarantee 100-percent accuracy in terms of the right names with the right numbers, though we expect that it is mostly accurate.  Tournament All-Star selections have been bolded.

Pos Name GY League Team Comments
F Madelyn Bellamy Hamilton MAA Complete player on both sides of the puck
F Erika Bellamy Hamilton MAA Speed, hands and effort in both ends
F Isabelle Mastantuono Oakville MAA Solid two way player
F Jayden Denomme 2016 North Bay BAA Plays with speed
F Mary Mccafferty 2017 OHA Plays smart with speed
F Emily Sloan 2017 Ohio U19 Hard working player with good vision and an impressive shot
D Emma-Lee Martel 2017 OHA Good skating, competitive smart playmaker
F Brooke DiCicco 2017 Guelph MAA Nice hands and a good shot
F Jocelyn Ballantyne 2017 Saugeen MAA Great hockey sense and compete level. Plays with head up and works well off the puck
D Jillian Banks 2017 Barrie IAA Offensive defensemen with a great point shot
F Hannah Smithson 2017 Ottawa Lady 67’s Fast and competitive
D Allison Stathakis 2017 Culver Academy Good sized D who can score from the point
F Bridgid Goris 2017 Bluewater IAA Solid two way player
F Shelby Bradford 2017 Belle Tire U16 Smart playmaker
F Katherine Birkby 2017 Cambridge MAA Hard working player with sped
F Ellie Sasaki 2017 Durham West MAA Consistent effort with speed and skill
D  Micayla Macintyre 2017 Procresting Pens MAAA Smooth Skater with skill and the ability to score
F Leah Czerwinski 2017 Buffalo Bisons U16 Good skating playmaker who plays hard
F Devin Kay 2017 Kitchener MAA Good size D who is strong in front of the net and creates offense
F Justina Beard 2017 Rideau MAA Good size with fast skating and smart decisions
G Kaitlyn Booth 2018 Stoney Creek MAA Athletic goaltender with good movement
D Meagan Barry 2018 Etobicoke MAA Quick player with good skill
D Josie Chisholm 2018 N. Subway Selects MAAA Good rushes up ice to create offense
F Taylor Trussler 2018 Brantford MAA Strong very skilled player
F Meghan Anton 2018 Cambridge IAA Skilled two way player
D Avery Webster 2018 Cambridge MAA Uses her body well and plays smart
F Lilane Perreault 2018 Chicago Fury U16 Hard working player with a good shot
F Angelique Page 2018 Kanata MAA Hard working, good skating playmaker
F Maureen McNerney 2018 CYA U16 Exciting skilled player
D Makyla Porter 2018 Guelph MAA Plays smart and skates back hard to make up for mistakes
F Kira Memet 2018 Metro Boston Pizza MAAA Quick player who can score
G Madison Oakes 2018 Oakville MAA Good coverage of the net with good movement reaction time
F Catherine Trevors 2018 Burlington BAA Crafty player who does great work off the puck
F Chicara Aceti 2018 Sara Bauer Academy Strong player with good skill, skating, and shot
F Mayla Mayer 2018 St. Catherines MAA Skilled player who makes good quick decisions
D Emma Jones 2018 NY Storm IA Good sized D with a hard shot and makes good breakout decisions
D Meagan Grant 2018 Sherbrooke Phoenix U19 Solid and rough defender who is good in corners and in front of the net
F Hanna Tundt 2018 Toronto MAA Hard working and aggressive but also has good awareness of the game
F Malia Leveson 2018 The Lawrenceville School Smart, fast, skilled player willing to dig the puck out of anywhere
D Natasha Simioni 2018 London MAA Size, speed and ability
F Hayley Robitaille 2018 Kanata MAA Moves the puck up ice with speed and skill
D Chloe Harvey 2018 Rochester Monarchs U16 Solid smart defensemen with offensive capability
D Hanna Rose 2018 OHA Gold Good offensive D with a great shot
D Keeley Rose 2018 Syracuse Nationals U19 competitive offensive D
F Annalise Andrews 2018 Belle Tire U16 Quick competitive playmaker
F Katie Trudeau 2018 Vikings U16 Good speed and gritty worker
D Sabrina Schuett 2018 Kitchener MAA Exciting s, smart, skilled D
F Caitlan Krasinski 2018 Kitchener MAA Makes plays in both ends
G Julia Maguire 2018 Honeybaked U16 Good size in net and challenges the puck well
F Anna Segedi 2019 Belle Tire U16 Good speed and skill and not afraid to battle
F Kelly Turner 2019 Cambridge MAA Hard working, good skating forward
F Courtney Hall 2019 Honeybaked U14 Good vision and hands. Makes quick decisions
F Shannon Hollands 2019 Mark Stouff BAA Skilled player who battles hard
D Olivia Hilton 2019 Chatam BAA Smooth crafty player with good hands and upside
F Mallory Dolorfino 2019 Fox Motors U14 Speedy and dangerous in the offensive zone
D Jules Robert 2019 Sault Ste Marie BAA Smart competitive D
F Tyanna Irvin 2019 Gloucester BAA Competes hard and makes plays
F Leah Herrfort 2019 Saugeen BAA Good finisher with good upside
F Annmarie FitzGerlad 2019 Gilmour Academy Smooth hands and great vision
D Taylor Zahirnyi 2019 Princeton U16 Offensive defensemen with good speed
F Alexis Schneider 2019 Waterloo BAA Quick player who makes smart decisions
D Nicole Guidi 2019 Gilmour Academy Makes smart decisions and has a great point shot
D Lindsey Smith 2019 Subway Selects Bantam Smooth hands to move the puck up ice
F Brooklyn Duff 2019 Stoney Creek BAA Tenacious competitor  with skating and smarts
F Lokelani Antonio 2019 Seattle Admirals U16 Gritty player who finds tape and make plays
F Mia Morano 2019 Oakville BAA Net front presence with good speed, skill, and shot
F Sarah Bukvic 2019 Stoney Creek BAA Hard working player willing to play both ends
D Hannah Dub 2019 Brampton BAA Good body positioning, point shot, and smart on the pinch
D Chailynn Compton 2019 Gloucester BAA Speed and puck handling ability
F Daniella Calabrese 2019 Whitby BAA Competitive all over the ice with good speed and skill
F Jessica Ciarrocchi 2020 Philly Flyers U14 Fast crafty player
F Abbey Murphy 2020 Chicago Mission U14 Buzzes around the ice with speed and skill
F Payton Luff 2020 Honeybaked U14 Gets the puck to the net with skill and a good shot
F Chantal Ste-Croix 2020 Brampton BAA Very hard working player who has good upside
F Chloe McNeil 2020 Nepean BAA Speed, skill and compete
F  Lyndie Lobdell 2020 Chicago Mission U14 Feisty player with all around good skill, shot and speed
F Rayla Clemons 2020 DLC U14 Good skills and speed
F Julia Bolduc 2020 Gloucester BAA Aggressive player who can make plays
F Claire O’Shaughnessy 2020 CYA U14 competitive , good skating playmaker
F Abby Newhook 2021 St Johns Boys Stands out as a younger player with her hard work. Good upside