Neutral Zone Launches Mass HS League Website

Neutral Zone, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of NZ Mass HS; a free league website for Massachusetts High School hockey. The Massachusetts State Hockey Coaches Association voted yesterday to make Neutral Zone the official site of Mass High school boy’s hockey. John Maguire, coach of the 2018 Division 1 Champion Waltham Hawks and MSHCA Executive Secretary stated

“Massachusetts State Hockey Coaches Association looks forward to a positive relationship with Neutral Zone as they inform and promote high school hockey in Massachusetts. We are excited and Neutral Zone has the website and people to promote Mass high school at the highest level. They have proven that over the past few years”

This is Neutral Zone’s third league website. “If you grow up in Minnesota and play high school hockey all your games, your rosters, your stats are both available and accessible for free,” remarked NZ President Steve Wilk. “However, in most high school leagues around the country, kids have no idea who the leading scorers are in the league, they have no idea what the standings are or the record of the team they are about to play or have access to rosters of any kind. Our goal is to bring our technology, our experience and our passion for amateur hockey to help promote the league, it’s players and provide a better overall experience for the student athletes. We have been dedicated since launching NZ in 2014 to delivering players the highest level of exposure, access, and professionalism.”

John Flaherty, coach of the 2018 Super Eight Champion BC High, is excited to bring this platform to the league. “This will be great for Mass high school hockey. The Neutral Zone guys are always in the rinks. They know the game. Combine that with the fact that they provide the biggest platform to promote our league with a state-of-the-art website, this was a no brainer. BC High is excited!”

Every coach in the league will be given access to this platform for free and they can enter their school
information, rink location, alumni, contact info, rosters, schedules, and stats. It is an all-encompassing
one-stop shop for MA High School hockey and it’s entirely free.

“Our initial mission behind the site was to give the same level of exposure the prep players were getting to high school hockey,” said Bria Murphy, VP and Director of US Scouting at Neutral Zone. “We developed a custom-made website with 24/7 tech support staff, we recruited Hickling Images the leading photographers in hockey to provide photos and we have a qualified, professional staff that will go to games, run social media accounts and provide unprecedented coverage.”

The league website will serve as a central area for players, parents, college coaches and fans to follow.
There will be game reports and write ups, special interest stories and interviews with players, coaches,
and alumni throughout the season.

John Messuri, coach of the 2017 Super Eight Champion. Arlington Spy Ponders had this to say to Neutral
Zone “A great opportunity for Mass High School to have Neutral Zone covering high school hockey with their new website. We use the neutral zone scouting reports when we place our players at the next level. I find their reports to very accurate and fair. To have an organization like this promoting Mass High School hockey is a huge win for the players.”

The season is only a few weeks away so coaches have all been sent information to access the site and
start inputting information. Follow us on twitter @MassNZ for the latest news and coverage in
Massachusetts High School Hockey!